Thermal Tourism in Uruguay

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Thermal Tourism in Uruguay

Photography by todo tiempo pasado fue mejor

The spa tourism is an ancestral activity that appears initially seeking cures for diseases. In any country in the world can express the occurrence of thermal waters, especially in areas near volcanic areas, the existence of thermal power represents the power to seize them as they have rich mineral competent health significance. Thanks to this natural supply is being carried out conservation and development of thermal baths for both the medical aspect as for relaxation and meditation.

Of course not everything is medicinal, curative, or related diseases, there are areas where condition where services are provided to relax and eliminate stress and other impurities from the body without need these medicinal waters or hot springs, these are the referred to places called Spa, where he works with tap water or water prepared, and other implements.

One of the most interesting tourist attractions are its thermal Uruguay. Over the years, the baths of Salto and Paysandu Uruguay are visited by thousands of tourists seeking the warm waters in a haven for body and spirit. The places where the hot springs is located in Uruguay are:

Thermal Bath Arapey:

They are located in the Department of Salto, some 80 kilometers from the capital. The waters come in a beautiful and lush green surroundings, coming from a depth of 2,000 meters being highly appreciated for its low radioactivity and rich in iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and fluoride.

A 5 star hotel with modern facilities, six restaurants to provide level, motels and bungalows provide great comfort to the thermal complex high-class status. The pools have a temperature of 39 ° C, two sports pools complement the set, one closed, the Arapey also have a good infrastructure, a playground, boating and fishing practice.

Thermal Bath Dayman:

They are also in the Department of Salto being the hot springs of the country’s highest temperature reaching up to 42 ° C. There are eight pools set up there with modern physiotherapy facilities that increase the values of the waters are rich in minerals and completely clear. The area is forested and surrounded by parks, they can practice different sports like tennis, volleyball, paddle, football etc.

Tourism in Uruguay

Thermal Bath Almiron:

In Paysandu, near the town of Guichón where they have found dinosaur fossils, is the complex thermal Almiron, are surrounded by dense forest park, which increases its charm, its brackish waters are valued for therapeutic purposes is considered ideal for the richness of its minerals and its temperature of 30 °, the best quality thermal water in the continent. The forests, wooden bridges, farms and palm groves make the complex a different place that distinguishes it from other spas.

Thermal to Almirón

Thermal Bath Guaviyú:

They are along the creek Guaviyú in Paysandu, surrounded by exceptional scenery of palm trees to acquire tones yatay incredible sunsets. The water has an average temperature of 38 ° which is divided into six pools, two for children. A complete shopping and restaurants complement the attractiveness of the complex.

All these places have promoted thermal spa tourism in Uruguay, which allows to know more about the origins and wonders of the world, and their training through the years, as it grows, it will be implemented over these places, for the convenience of the people while protecting the natural stability of the place, without causing any damage, hopefully with the passing of the years, and as it has been a benefit to the health and welfare of people.

Bon voyage!

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