The walls murals Orgosolo – Sardinia (Italy)

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Murales in Orgosolo by heatheronhertravels.

Orgosolo is a unique town in the province of Nuoro is a town in the interior of Sardinia: the walls of their houses are covered by nearly 200 murals depicting local events and people of Italy and the world. “A huge gallery” of history is open to the sky for the color art breathe and not be confined within four walls.

To know the history of a people we usually all go to books, articles, talk to people, well documented. Rarely are coming to a place that we have a sort of outdoor open book to explain to us the history not only of its population unless recent world history. That’s what happens in Orgosolo, one of the larger towns of the province of Nuoro, in Sardinia’s interior, with its nearly 200 murals scattered around the walls of their houses.

Murales in Orgosolo by heatheronhertravels.

Orgosolo was for many years, synonymous with just three words: poverty, sheep and bandits. Aside from everyday life, the many walls and drawings also remind us of past struggles and present, near and far: the Vietnam War, the French Revolution, the coup in Chile, the Spanish Civil War, the Gulf, the conquest of America, the Tiananmen crackdown in the Palestinian Intifada on 11 September in New York … and so on. Along with episodes of history are also the characters that made the politicians, heroes, philosophers, myths, workers and farmers, women who walk into the shop with children clinging to her skirts, singers committed , poets, painters, families in their homes, people, finally. Everything is there, in its walls, like a vast gallery of recent history is open to the sky to breathe color and art not be confined within four walls.

It is true that the political activity of those years favored the continuation of the murals, which were from the beginning Orgosolo eminently political, and it was during that time that reflected some of the events leading national and global. It was also immortalized local struggles, such as opposition to the entire village, including authorities, the construction of a firing range on their lands. With the turn of the decade, the murals gave way to more everyday scenes, a mural more artistic than political, but always demands. Professor Traces Casino noticeable in the drawings of Picasso’s inspiration and more poscubista, while other local artists, like Vincenzo Pasquale Buesca or Floris, gave it another go for the proposals.

Popular artists during the 90s and this first decade of the century, the murals have continued Orgosolo invading the walls, making it a place visited by tourists, curious and studious of a phenomenon that has lasted for nearly three decades.

Orgosolo belongs to this category of places with a very diverse atmosphere, friendly people but not fierce and proud. Not in vain for a long time became accustomed to their own code of performance, isolation and misunderstanding. Nestled in the middle of the beautiful mountains of Supramonte.

Sant'Efisio 2009-Orgosolo by Nuragic Man.

Orgosolo murals show a fighting people, which she refuses allegedly written to a destination, but the grandmothers, still dressed in black, not consent to smile at strangers…

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