The Vegas: an endless night …

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Hotel Bellagio Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is one of the most attractive cities in the United States, without doubt. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear that word are casino, gambling, lights, etc … Of course all this is accompanied by hotels and tourist sites that we should not lose when you are seeing in this city.

There are two ways to get to Las Vegas: by plane or car.
By Road:
We have two possibilities. The route would be more convenient and faster to go to Los Angeles and then head to Las Vegas.
The distance is about 1050 km. but at least they are almost all highway. The shortest way, however, would be the interior of the country through lower-level roads and therefore it is quite slow. The distance is 900 km here. We should go towards Stockton and go from there taking the routes necessary to reach the State of Nevada, to which the city of Las Vegas.

By plane: (see flight)
Was the option chosen. The aircraft of United Airlines left the airport in San Francisco at 8.26 pm The arrival in Las Vegas was at 9.52 pm The ride is really nice, because even at that point you can see the sky from the vast desert that we must cross to take the city. It is surprising to see from up there, small lakes scattered among the sand, to see the arid mountains of typical cowboy movies, and finally even more surprised to see appear suddenly in the middle of the desert, a city of skyscrapers and imposing buildings . As the plane is descending to land take, we can see things as disparate as a great pyramid (which would be my hotel), a replica of the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower …
The cost of the flight was 110 euros.


Hotels and rooms Las Vegas:
We talk about the Luxor hotel would require only one article, because it is simply amazing. Presiding over the entrance a large Egyptian-style statue of the Sphinx is in Cairo and two obelisks. The building is a large pyramid with a capacity of 2,200 rooms. Yes, you read that 2,200 rooms. Once these only at the entrance again and gaming machines and roulette tables, luxury ceilings in almost infinite is not the end, marble floors, large Egyptian statues, gold everywhere, and huge rooms … … so do you an idea of the size … it took almost 10 minutes to find the receipt, and once there, to get to the room, gave me a drawing of the hotel not to be missed … … and yet we find several turns to . We believe that a hotel should be so expensive … then no, I left the room for 84 euros / night. 2 people for 42 euros per person.

McCarran Int'l Airport, NV  USA

And as for the restaurant as more of the same. A true luxury, with bars and bar meals in the world: Greek, Japanese, American, German … endless desserts: cakes, pies and various desserts .. … in order to eat. And again the price for the buffet … … 15 euros. Amazing. But is that because we look at the other hotels in Las Vegas and is the accommodation and food is cheap compared to that luxury. And of course we think that makes sense … what they want is to attract hotel, because to them the business is in the casino.

The casinos are all connected to each other. Curiously there are walkways that lead you to a casino hotel to another. Looking at the Luxor, the number of slots per square meter that there is astounding. And virtually all full of people throwing coins … and what they are not coins. Why is such that there is specialization, which saw players with credit cards own the hotel, got in the groove that had the machine for that purpose … to imagine the lack of knowing how much time is spent. I was curious to see slot machines at various points whose main prize was an impressive sports car that was in the midst of the machines … and I said cars, said other spectacular prizes. As for the roulette tables and other games, like agglomeration of people playing. Watch the roulette tables, and each number had many authentic chips bet on each spin … remember that mental calculation that the money was played in one of the runs … and I almost fell for printing … were thousands and thousands of dollars …

day 261 - my new card trick

City of Las Vegas shows!

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  1. John Biddle Says:

    Great article on my favorite hotel, the Luxor. What a great placa!

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    thank you for your post. great information. On the Fox Rent A Car Blog, we have similar posts about Las Vegas. We give travel advice on different cities, including what to do there and lodging and dining information. Your post offers a great mix of that.
    thanks again for sharing.

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