The Valencian Valley

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An idea sense of reality is to pass the days with pleasant and relaxed souroundings, visiting Valencia is the idea place.  An all year round experience of relaxation, leisure and places of interest on Spain. An experience you will never forget.  A vacation in the Valencian region has many activities and tourist attractions to suit all ages. Places of interest, nature and beauty.  Not only is there the capital with its historic past there is The Ayora Valley.  This is the heart of tranquility, where the birds sing and the landscape is so breathtaking you will think you are in heaven.

The valley is found inland from Valencia, one hour.  sourounded by mountains, forest, lagoons, dams, streams, rivers and pure tranquility.
There are no words to describe the peace that is found in this beautiful area, the traditions are centimental and have been passed down through the families of the villages in the valley.  Not forgeting the gastronomy, with its Valencian paellas, gazpachos (spanish stew), barbacued meats cooked over coals or wood ovens, the fresh seasonal vegetables with the radiant colours to brighten your table.  An idea way to share and enjoy some of the tranquility of the valley is to book into one of our rural guest houses in one of the villages and breath in the Ayora Valley.


The Vancian Valley

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