The temples of Greece

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Templo de Netuno - Cabo Sounion - Grécia por pintomarta50.

Athens is the capital of Greece. Athens has its Acropolis and the Parthenon, now, what does “Acropolis” and what “Parthenon”? Let’s start with the basics: Acropolis means high city, that is the definition first, but we still know the meaning that had and has for its citizens. Then proceeded with the story.

On steep hills stood the Greek and Roman acropolis, tall cities that bore a dual role: defense center and headquarters of the main temples of worship. The Athens can be considered the most important of the Greek acropolis. It can be spotted on a ridge 100 meters above sea level. To his credit, has a wealth of architectural buildings that were built during the time of Pericles. For the Propylaea (name of the big door), go to the acropolis. A short steps, appears on the scene the Temple of Athena Nike. Guard this temple, one of the most important works of Phidias: the bronze statue of Athena in gold and ivory. At the end of the Acropolis stands the erection, with its platform supported by six pillars “caryatids. However, the greatest treasure of this area now lies standing as archaeological evidence, is the Parthenon.

Arq-Grieg~Ñ8.TEMPLO DE ATENEA NIKÉ. por lyceo_hispanico.

If you would have to describe the simplest form, it seems that the Acropolis is the hill that rises beyond the distance, and that the Parthenon is the temple that was built over that hill. However, this definition can be very superficial to the centuries old monuments that represent sizes. That is why we proceed to a more profound.

Phidias supervised the building of the Parthenon between 477 and 432 BC It is called architectural piece reminiscent in Doric art and are particularly her eight marble columns, representing, more explicitly, such artistic influence. The same columns appear in thousands of books and encyclopedias, as an example of the magnificence pitch to roll on Greek culture. Therefore meaningless grammatical, historical, cultural and social come together, inch by inch, to tell the story of civilization. Since its birth until today. Not for nothing, Athens, the Acropolis and the Parthenon, compose the list of sites spotted in the world.

For those who have been close to its magnificence, and for those who have admired from afar. It represents the longevity of a material, the Acropolis and the Parthenon represent sacred dream of a civilization that knew how to give cultural and intellectual life to the world. And if the meaning and legacy is nothing more precious than to identify the beginning of mankind.

The Acropolis was the old residence and move to become a center of worship in the city; plain of worship for its citizens and in many cases, breast envy from around the world.

Athens, multicultural city. The traces of time are marked in his ways, and one visit may warrant a trip to Greece. Nevertheless, and despite its traditional architecture, it is difficult to contact the modern essence of contemporary Athens. The sympathy of the Plaka district can be a nice excuse to start a tour of the city. Another alternative may be tempting, leave from the port of Piraeus for a three-day cruise around the Greek islands.

In its waters, tourists can not only through his slight surge practicing different styles of swimming, but also practice various activities. Dives with instructors for the curious, quiet, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing for the more daring. These are part of the various proposals can be found at seashore Greek. Warm weather does not present too many variants and is therefore the tourist decides to contact individual hotel rooms to predict a season of pure sunshine.

ATHENS, Greece. Cruise onboard the COSTA ROMANTICA (73) por JorgeBrazil.

Thus, one can conclude by saying that the visit to Greece, particularly Athens, can give the appointment to a memorable trip, which complements its history and culture, stay in the peaceful Mediterranean coasts.

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