The Sydney Opera House

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 Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous buildings of the twentieth century, to the point of having been nominated in the election of the new seven wonders of the world. Home of Opera Australia, Sydney Theater Company and Sydney Symphony Orchestra, he performed in plays, ballet, opera or musical productions, hosting a total of 3,000 performances each year in the four main auditoriums.

It all started in the 40′s, when Eugène Goossens, director of the Conservatory of Music in New South Wales, proposed the creation of a theater on a large scale. Only in 1955 was called to tender for its construction and after having received 233 projects from 32 countries, announced the winning architect: Jorn Utzon, the Danish origin. The construction began in 1959, but things were not well between the architect and the Australian government, and in 1966 because of disagreements with the minister of public works, the architect left the project. It took thirteen years to complete the project, which opened in 1973 with the presence of Queen Elizabeth II of England. However, Jorn Utzon received the Pritzker Prize for the design of the Opera House.

In 2002 began work on remodeling of the gigantic building, in which he participated Utzon, taking charge of oversight. In 2005 the Australian government declared the Sydney Opera House and National Trust in 2007 was declared a World Heritage Site.

The Sydney Opera House contains five theaters, five studies testing two main rooms, four restaurants, six bars and numerous shops. The five theaters consist of:
-The Concert Hall and Concert Hall with 2679 seats, is the main theater. Contains the body of the magnificent Sydney Opera House, the largest mechanical organ in the world with 10,000 pipes. It carried the opera and Philharmonic Orchestra in Sydney. 

The Opera Theater, or theater with 1547 seats, is the main space of the opera Australia, is also used by the Australian Ballet Company.
The Drama-Theater or Drama Theater, with 544 seats, is used for major theater productions and dance.
The music-room with 398 seats for small theatrical productions and musical or personal.
-The Studio Theater, with 364 seats, dedicated to contemporary expressions of art.

Utzon Room, it is the only space that has been rebuilt as it is the architect designed it. Opening, which also went to the Queen, was held in 2004.

Besides theatrical productions, venues at the Sydney Opera House are also used for other functions such as weddings, parties and conferences. For such events the theater has smaller rooms: living room recordings, exhibition room, reception hall, five rehearsal rooms, 42 dressing rooms, 2 restaurants, 6 bars for the theater, 6 halls, lounges, offices for the administration, library and archives, “Green Room” for the artists and the staff (bar, dining room, living room), floor and areas of operation for electrical installations, granite walk around all the Opera House. In total there are around 800 different environments or rooms throughout the complex. With more than 2,200 doors.

Centre Stage 

To see this magnificent building, the Sydney Opera House has prepared the following tours:
Visiting one hour, for the main rooms, its architecture, history and some anecdotes. Price: $ 26 per person.

Between-racks. Income led to areas reserved for artists, and staff: backstage, the pit orchestra and stage. Duration: two hours. Price: $ 150 per person. With breakfast, (Function, tour and dinner). You can choose a dinner cruise on the bay of Sydney. Price per person: $ 125.
Hours: Every day (09.00-17.00, visits), Monday-Saturday (09.00-20.30, box office), over two hours before the show Sunday.

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