The sexiest islands to escape civilization

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The sexiest islands to escape civilization

Who has not dreamed of (or more than one) to be lost on a desert island?

The sexiest islands

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The truth is that heaven is represented as a small grove of white sand, surrounded by a turquoise sea and a few palm trees to relax in the shade. But this paradise to castaway is usually not enough, we are so accustomed to the activity, the hustle and the need for us to serve leisure and entertainment, most requested that the islands are often those that combine this idyllic picture postcard with a wealth of pleasures and amusements at your disposal.

Forbes magazine usually publishes lists of these islands every year and would generate more than one post, so we have chosen some of these bits of land, the Mecca of the fantasies of the inhabitants of large cities.

Bora Bora in French Polynesia:

Bora Bora is an atoll in French Polynesia. It is northwest of Tahiti in the islands of the Leeward Islands. That surrounds the atoll is dotted with islands and the airport is built in one of them. Upon landing, passengers are greeted by groups of vahines they hang necklaces of flowers and they devote the words of greeting from the islands

Bora Bora’s popularity is also seen in housing prices: high season, the lowest per night for most hotels is $ 678.

Ibiza in Spain:

In Ibiza the same can find a designer boutique open at two in the morning, leaving a stale tourists nightclub at four in the morning to go to after. It is synonymous with fun, trendy and great nightclubs.

The sexiest islands to escape civilization

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But Ibiza also find some of the best beaches in the Balearic Islands.

Santorini Greek Islands:

It has been said that the sunsets in Santorini are the most beautiful land. With breathtaking views of the volcano and the vast black sand beaches contrasting with the deep blue sky, it easily creates the illusion of being transported to a surreal place.

The best Islands in the beaches

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One of the main attractions is to visit the volcano, or the red beach of Akrotiri, named for the color of the magma that is formed.

Santa Cruz in the Galapagos:

The second largest island in the archipelago has been considered a natural living museum and showcase of evolution.

One of its special features is the incredible variety of animals living on the island and not surprising to see a family of penguins on their shores or watch a sea lion dive.

Thanks to the conservation effort, the island remains relatively unspoiled and nature reserves occupy a large part of this island, which along with her sisters inspired Galapagos Darwin studies.

Ko Samui in Thailand:

Ko Samui has lost much of its hippie atmosphere and communion with nature that was twenty years ago. During this time, electricity came to the island and the resorts, which have been installed on the coasts of the Thai island. In the archipelago there are hardly any remains of its bohemian past and mystical, still present in some major events like the full moon parties in Ko Phagnan.

The best beaches in the Islands

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Nevertheless, it has not reached saturation, and if one seeks tranquility can be found on the beaches farther from urban centers and major resorts. There is accommodation in cabins on the beach very cheap and the landscape is still spectacular.

Good Luck!

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