The route German fairy tales

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One of the oldest tour of Germany, which connects more than 70 cities, and that thread is the wonderful countryside that inspired the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the famous writer of fables and fairy tales.

Market Place in Bremen

Photography by reiner.kraft

It is a journey through Wonderland, by the route German fairy tales from Bremen to Hanau. It is one of the oldest holiday routes in Germany. This road connects with more than 70 cities, communities and administrative districts of the world the fantastic stories of the tales, sagas, myths and legends that the Brothers Grimm to write throughout his life.

The route German fairy tales

Photography by tiegeltuf

Varied but always shows this lovely paradise with abundant and fabulous tales roads for cyclists. Take the place where childhood dreams come true. Where behind seven mountains to the seven dwarves live the brave princes, where fairies and love Pied Piper invites you to experience new adventures, where is the love Little Red Riding Hood, on the road between the cities of Heiligenstadt and Göttingen where Mother Snow shakes pillows and where every minute you feel like “John in the prosperity.”

Among the Main river and the sea, daily life is more unattainable than the Moon. More than 600 miles on the route fabulous German fairy tales through a landscape full of poetry to romantic places in the market with “Musicians of Bremen”, to the historic castles and palaces of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, to the picturesque half-timbered where Max and Moritz make mischief or to the enchanted castle where Rapunzel let her hair down.

Plenty of arts and culture, eight national parks, mountains and river landscapes seductive all of this is down the road, on which one after another like the pages of a book of the Brothers Grimm, framed colorful villages lie and romantic cities.

Diving in bright landscapes, deep into deep forest, feel the pulse of exciting cities and enjoy the friendly people along one of the oldest and favorite vacation routes in Europe.

The sweet Little Red Riding Hood is in Schwalmstadt, and regional costumes are what inspired his trajecillo so important in history. Schwalm In the museum, also exhibiting embroidery and handicrafts, you can see these clothes.

The route German

Photography by hessenfoto

This last route of the fairy tales is one of the most beautiful themed tours that can be performed in Europe and that delights adults and children alike, as well as being very comprehensive and covers many aspects. To complete the route will not forget the souvenir picture postcard, travel experience how are you only see in fairy tales.

What are you waiting to live your own fantasy?

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