The Rhine Valley in Germany

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The Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Over 1300 miles, visiting the heart of the continent, bathing the green meadows in Switzerland to its mouth in the North Sea. Today we will stop briefly in the part of the journey that makes this river by Germany, a wonderful, meandering journey.

Cross Mainz:
For the Germans, the Rhine is one of the true treasures of the country. The greatest historical significance of this wealth is in a strip of 80 kilometers, comprises what is known as the Rhine Gorge and Middle Rhine, which runs from Mainz to Koblenz. The beauty of the river in this area is quite spectacular. Its shores are dotted with vineyards, which rise majestic forests. In the hills, no wonder you see no point in the presence of an enormous castle safeguarding the passage of the silent river. Huge rocks and tiny white villages dedicated to vine crops up the landscape.

To visit this part of the river can do it either by car or via a small cruise. Two roads run parallel on both sides of river. On the left is the Rheingoldstrasse and Lorelei-Burgenstrasse the Lorelei. Mainz is located some 300 kilometers from Munich. The road trip, just an hour, I kept quiet places full of harvests and extensive green foliage. If you can, the best time for this trip is in September and October, but between April and May is much less crowded road.

How to get there?
The easiest way to get to Mainz is by plane. Airport Frankfurt Main and from there take a train in just half an hour we put into our destiny. The nearest airport to reach is to Coblence Cologne, 83 kilometers from the city. From there we can take a train in less than an hour, will bring us to our destination.

We arrived in Koblenz
There are cruises on the river with walking tours that can last from a few hours to a few days. Consider Viking River Cruises, which will take us on a fabulous cruise from Amsterdam to Basle, on the Rhine, or Peter Deilmann Cruises from Munich to Dassau. I especially recommend the latter, much cheaper (about 1000 euros is the price per person for seven days all-inclusive room, meals and guided tours) because we are practically the same and only the service varies.

If you want an alternative route can do so through the Moselle River, full of loops. The Mosel is a tributary of the Rhine to join him at the height of Coblence. Itself provides a very similar to the Rhine, with a majestic landscapes and charming villages. Perhaps the only difference is the tranquility and relaxation offered by the Moselle compared to the vastness of the Rhine crossing and large bustling cities.

Moselle is frankly amazing that we can make the journey between the cities of Koblenz and the old town of Trier, founded in 2000 BC. Fastuosa be 137 miles of scenic beauty where we can pause to taste the wines from both regions of the Rhine and the Moselle.

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