The museums in Valencian territory

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The selection of museums has changed substantially over last few years. Usually, people have visited the Camilo Visedo Archaeological Museum and, of course, the Moors and Christians Fiesta Museum (MAF). That used to be all. But nowadays the collections and places of interest that the city offers have grown.
It’s still recomeded to visit the Archacological Museum, a true reference to remnants of Iberian culture, and the Moors and Christians Fiesta Museum, in Casal de Sant Jordi, which has recently been renewed and deeply restored. But it’s worthy to visit the Explora Interpretation Centre, that offers a global vision of the past and present history of the town. The visitor will find very interesting the anti air-raid refuge from Spanish Civil War, which has been rehabilitated and converted into a museum wich tries to recreate that period. Some interesting collections, as the religious works shown in San Mauro’s Church and the Science Museum in Pare Vitoria High School can be visited as well. Soon there will be new museums: one dedicated to the Three Wise Men Fiesta, another one to Conternporary Art ant the last one will be the Provincial Firefighter’s Museum.

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