The memory of the pyramids of Egypt

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All Gizah Pyramids por liber.

All trips leave us special moments. Unpayable and indelible memories that are with us and all life. There are many places in the world that anyone would like to note in your calendar and, as if it were a dream, trying to meet the Taj Mahal, Iguaçu, the Perito Moreno, the Machu Picchu tour the Cape Horn …

But if a survey was made, probably, would winning the pyramids of Giza in Cairo. And to be against them is something magical, nostalgic, historical … is like traveling in time and relive those days that Pharaonic Egypt dominated the world. The pictures of the pyramids of Giza reveals that the time may pass, but they always be there, large, dominant, queens of the time and space. They are the only one of the seven ancient wonders that are still standing, and, therefore, the only ones that have earned their own right remain the wonder of the world in the new votes will be resolved in the month of July.

En la Meseta de Gizeh por JuanGabriel.

And so beautiful, on the great esplanade of Giza almost two thousand square meters, stands the necropolis of Cairo, where the great pharaohs chose his final resting place. And captivated by her beauty, as in his day did great characters of history, as Herodotus, Diodorus or Napoleon Bonaparte himself, moving to get to their feet. There, in front of them, for our heads spend a thousand and one stories, or legends that have surrounded the times, trying to explain the mystery of the construction of the pyramids, its perfection, the reason to try to find a reason to such greatness .

There are three major pyramids at Giza were built, that of Cheops, of Kefren and the Micerinos and next to it, smaller ones. Along with that of Cheops, the Sphinx, which your eyes have seen the enigmatic events hundreds of years of history in Egyptian lands.

The Pyramid of Cheops:
It is the largest of all with its 146 meters high, but today only reach 137 by the wear of the stone. He has already lost all their siding, but still remains beautiful. Its size is such that it would fit together in the cathedral of Milan, the Basilica of London and the Vatican together. Overwhelmed, we can only move to its interior. Many come back when I saw already in, such is the sense of claustrophobia it produces, but his visit is something we cannot let go, it is a feeling that is within, not forget. Known under many tons of stone to know the history behind, knowing so many legends about the pharaonic tombs, and especially those aisles so narrow that not even the arms can be open. The main hall, which amounts to the chamber of the Pharaoh, is 47 meters long and 8 high, but the narrowness makes it an ordeal to go through there. The slope is a lot, and many tourists going up and down a catwalk so narrow. Along with the Pharaoh, in the center of the pyramid is that of the Queen, and finally, in a descending passage, not only close but also so low that we must pass almost on his knees, got to the House of Chaos .

Pyramid Kefren:
Twenty-sixth century BC, this pyramid is the only one that maintains its siding. It is much simpler than that of Cheops, it consists of only one passage, which leads to the central chamber, where in his day was an empty sarcophagus of black granite. The mystery of the pyramid located at the interior columns to the avenue leading directly to the Sphinx.

Pyramid Micerinos:
It is the smallest of all, with only 66 meters in height. Inside you will find a basalt sarcophagus with decorative motives that unfortunately was lost when the ship carrying it sank off the Portuguese coast.

The Sphinx:
Its name derives from the Arabic “Abu al-Hol, Father of terror. With its 73 meters long, depicting a lion with a human head, this is believed to be a representation of the face of Pharaoh Kefren. Built during Dynasty IV, XXVI century BC, was formerly known as Hor-em Akhet (Horus is on the horizon) that the Greeks depicted Harmakis. Over time, the Sphinx has been buried in the sands of the desert several times (the picture of his last release in the early nineteenth century is spectacular), but was Tutmosis IV who unearthed for the first time when he dreamed that God Harmakis requested to do so.

The Sphinx  por Serongadam.

- Watch a sunrise or sunset along the pyramids are really exciting. But if we do in the afternoon, goes to the spectacle of light and sound that make next to the Sphinx. The historical environment surrounding you, makes you feel in another era, while the lights glow and play with the shapes of the pyramids and the Sphinx, and a voice tells the story of these …

- Keep travel camel across the courtyard, and if you can talk to the cameleer to indicate how you enter the pyramid, but not the official site, but by a rear where the tourists do not go. So enjoy the peace to find you.
Good Luck!

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