The major cities of British Columbia

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Vancouver, British Columbia by Tallyn.

On the west coast of Canada, bounded on the north by Yukon and Alaska and south by the states of Washington, Idaho and Montana is the legendary land of British Columbia. 944,735 square kilometers, almost twice the surface area of Spain, inhabited by just over four million inhabitants, mostly covered by forests where there is only an endless nature in its purest form.

The climate is rigorous in virtually every province, with long winters and short summers, but the south enjoys mild temperatures that allow the cultivation of vines and fruit trees, and you can enjoy sea bathing in summer.

In the southernmost part of British Columbia is Vancouver Island, covering 451 kilometers and boasts spectacular scenery both coastal and mountain. It is the ideal place for sports such as fishing or “kayak.” On this island are the absolute protagonists’ moose and bald eagles, magnificent animals on this island who find their ideal habitat in the Pacific.

British Columbia

Where to go?
The capital of Victoria is the Canadian province, south of Vancouver Island. The British imprint is felt strongly in this beautiful city, architecture, tea rooms and double-decker buses. Here the weather is nice, so there’s no excuse to go on foot to discover the secrets it holds corners. Not to be missed its magnificent gardens, like Butchart Gardens (more than 20 hectares of parterres of flowers), or the neighborhood of Gastown, the oldest in the capital. One of the most visited places is the Craigdarroch Castle, a sumptuous palace built by the baron Robert Dunsmuir in the nineteenth century.

One of the most unusual is the Victoria Chinatown, the oldest in Canada, which hosts the first classical Chinese garden built outside China, the work of Dr. Sun Yat September, a real oasis of tranquility and harmony in the midst of this great city.


One of the most beautiful spots of Vancouver Island is the Rim National Park, a unique enclave where mild temperatures and the effect of the sea combine to create a shining example of rainforest this unique ecosystem exists only in other places such as Norway, Chile or New Zealand. There, lichens, and old trunks of conifers are conspired to give the visitor a fairy tale.
Another manifestation of the spectacular nature of Vancouver’s visit whales. The observation of these marine mammals is one of the most popular pastimes on the island. The orcas can be seen easily in the rivers of the reserve Robson Bight in Johnstone Strait. Gray whales and minke whales dance along the west coast near Tofino and Ucluelet.

Vancouver is also the name of another of the major cities of British Columbia. Its appearance is highly picturesque, it contrasts the image of the skyscraper located at the edge of the fjord with the backdrop of the magnificent mountains that surround it. Just north of this city is Mount Grouse Mountain, an ideal place for visiting family, as is well equipped for entertainment, especially in winter, as it is possible to practice in this area just minutes from downtown wide variety of snow sports. The ascent of Grouse Mountain is mandatory for anyone wishing to enjoy a good view of English Bay and Vancouver.

For those who want Canada to meet with the most savage is the best move to the northern region of British Columbia, where the Confederation of Indian Nation enjoy a semi-autonomous government. This land hosts an absolutely virgin area the size of Ireland, the Muskwa-Kechika reserve where the natural balance stays intact: wolves, bears and large herbivores living as they have for tens of thousands of endless forests, waterfalls and beautiful lakes unspeakable.

The major cities of British Columbia

With a lot of flora and fauna plus give their geography, an unforgettable place to meet in British Columbia in Canada.

Canada – Full of Tourist Attractions in Québec

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