The London Eye, the Ferris wheel rises to highest in Europe

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The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel (London Eye) to be opened in 2000, has quickly become one of the star visits London, which has no mean feat given the many attractions of the English capital. For some years held the title of world’s tallest Ferris wheel, and it still is in Europe.

The London Eye

Photography by Koshyk

Visited by more than 3.5 million people a year, was conceived as an icon of modernity and a metaphor of the new century and millennium that were to come after his inauguration. Quite an achievement in design and engineering, passengers of the wheel can enjoy views of up to 40km in all directions, when weather conditions permit.

The London Eye has 32 passenger capsules sealed and heated under their outer circumference. Tour to 0.26 m / s (about 0.9 km / h), making a complete revolution takes about 30 minutes. The wheel does not usually stop to take on passengers: the rotation speed is slow enough so that they can easily raise and lower capsules at ground level. However, he stops to enable disabled or elderly passengers time to climb and descend safely.

London Eye wheel is subject to radios and resembles a large bicycle wheel, as was depicted in a poster advertising a charity cycle race.

London Eye

Photography by Dorron

Did you know?

- The London Eye can carry 800 passengers per revolution.
- Its height is 135m, making it the fourth tallest structure in London.
- On sunny days you can see Windsor Castle.
- The best photos of the British Parliament can get easily from a London Eye capsule.

Options and Pricing:

Care is available daily from 10 am to 20 pm. From June to September the hours are extended until 21 hours. You can save 10% of the price by booking online.

London Eye capsule

Photography by

Prices updated:

Adult (16 plus) – £ 17.95
Children (4-15 years) – £ 9.50
Children under 4 years – with free admission
Senior (60 plus) * – £ 14.30

Private Capsule:

If we want to whim, we booked a capsule to ourselves, to a maximum of 25 people at £ 430.00. The second rotation would something cheaper, £ 299.00. Each passenger must also pay £ 55.00.

The return on the London Eye, is a unique experience of its kind!

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