The lively mountain and Aventure – Part 2

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Journey to the centre of the earth

Speleology is a mixture of science and adventure, a journey to the centre of the earth via narrow passages and dark openings, allowing you to discover an underground world and to enjoy an adventure many metres below the earth’s surface. Caves and potholes might seem overawing as you enter them, but when you get to the bottom, nothing else matters.


With over 200 potholes and caves in the Alicante mountains, speleology is a great option. There’s a whole underground world to discover, with caves like the cavel Rull in Vall d’Ebo, which has been equipped for visitors, and other, more hidden caves, like the cave Somo in Castell de Castells or Volumini, in Segaria. Knowrn locally as avencs, many of these potholes can be extremely beautiful, such as the Avenc Ample. While speleology is an adventure in itself, in the Alicante mountains it can also be combined with other activities, such as walking, canyoning and abseiling.

Live the adventure

Although the three districts of Alicante have become the place te be for adventure sports on terra firma, on the banks of the Serpis and even underground, the Tururac adventure firm also runs boat trips along the Mediterranean coastline, with trips between Martín and the Isla del Descubridor island via unspoilt coves. There are also alternative walking trails through Castell de Castells, Vall de Alcalá, Alahuar and Fontilles, visiting historical buildings, ancestral villages and deserted Moorish settlements such as that of the mythical chieftain Al Azraq, mediaeval castles, snow wells and rock art.

Adventure Alicante

The Alicante mountains are the perfect destination for adventure, where you cannot only choose from over a dozen activities, but also specify how you want them. All seven operators offer packages to suit all tastes, from just one day to a weekend or even longer, with or without accommodation. All you need to do is set a date for your outdoor adventure, when you will explore countryside, rivers, towns and villages at your leisure, whether it’s to enjoy the sunshine or the cool shade of the caves and potholes — any time of the year is good.


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