The Legend of Lake Titicaca

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The Legend of Lake Titicaca

His name is the less peculiar sound in the languages derived from Latin, but its origin is much more distant and mysterious. Lake Titicaca is the second largest lake in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world.


Photography by Phillie Casablanca

Besides being one of the most impressive lakes land and be between two countries Peru and Bolivia, as a large lake that is, has its own legend.

The popular story that people lived happily in its valley, where the land was extremely fertile. Did not lack for nothing and the suffering did not live their heavenly domains. The gods of the mountains, the Apus, protected humans was forbidden and only one thing: they could not climb to the top of the mountains, where the sacred fire burning.

But the devil also lived in those lands and it was unbearable to see all that happiness. So time and again incited the men to go up to the top of the mountains. Los Apus surprised the people climbing the slope and such was his fury that released the Cougars, who devour the whole population, except for a couple.

The Legend of Lake Titicaca

Photography by Ivan Mlinaric

Given this carnage, the Sun God, Inti, wept for 40 days and 40 nights, thus forming the lake Titicaca. When the sun returned, the couple, who fled in a boat, saw the Cougars had all turned to stone.

This is also a possible etymology of the name of the lake. Titi, which means cat or puma, and kaka, stone, form the local name given to it. And the truth is that curiously the shape of the lake view from space precisely remember a cougar hunting. Others point the origin of its name to the name of the island Intikjarka, which derived from the Aymara and Quechua language and means Inti (Sun) BOSTON (rock).

But legends do not refer only to his name and Lake Titicaca is said that cities with plenty of hidden gold and silver, or living mermaids in the water that attract the death with their singing.

Lake Titicaca

Photography by Juancho Gatica

These and many other fairy tales are the perfect complement to navigate through these magical waters. Although as in all the mundane and have become a tourist attraction, we have removed part of his mystique and legendary, yes, making it easier for visitors to enjoy cruises on the lake in boats of all kinds, including some built old-fashioned, and numerous hotels with all amenities.

Discover the fascinating and mysterious Lake Titicaca!

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