The home of elephants in South Africa – Addo National Park

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Going on holiday travel does not just mean new towns, castles, old people or half a ton of museums and that we impose when we schedule a trip like this. Travel times can also mean an encounter with history, but not with nature, so if you think about it … what better place than Africa and the continent, South Africa?

The Republic of South Africa is located in the northern part of the African continent and its boundaries with several countries: Mozambique, Suizilandia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia and in its vast territory contains several national parks where the curious traveler can contact with wildlife. One of these parks is the Addo National Park, the perfect place to meet one of the most majestic animals of creation: the elephant.

This animal has been subjected to a game like no other that has decimated their numbers quickly (by trade and after the first ivory smuggling), but what remains of this species has been protected within the park, established in 1931. And because of this protection and an original power system based on oranges (yes, orange) is the number of copies has been growing over the years to the point where today visitors can see whole families there.

Today there are about 400 animals that share space with about 450 buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, lions and hyenas, and some that have adapted well to the environment. The boundaries of the park, luckily, spread steadily, and today the area is about 145,000 hectares, but the authorities can expect to reach 200,000.

Addo National Park is 72 miles northwest of Port Elizabeth and is easily reached by road if you like the idea of renting a car (although I would not recommend it there.) Doors open at 7 am and close at 7 pm and the internal roads are well maintained. The orange-based diet and does not apply to elephants but they have a good memory and good sense of smell, so I warn you about not wearing any citric no place to die crushed by one of these animals.

Finally, the park offers place to sleep, some small houses or huts with beds for 6 persons, for example, different categories, and you can reach it even with a trailer. Swimming pool, a basic shop and a restaurant but nothing is exceptional. But if Nature is, well, there is no land like this.

If these reach or are already in the park, you cannot miss the photos finally tell you everything to take care of the body in a chest and your clothes for the occasion, then you will not have to worry about anything.

Good luck!

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