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Haarlem Grote Markt by mvwijk.

When the plane lands in Holland, Amsterdam, the traveler should know that going to give her all the wonders of this iconic city, just 15 minutes from there is Haarlem. Nothing to do with the New York borough, but sounds similar. This is an old town with canals, medieval markets, cathedrals and countless bars and restaurants. The proximity to Amsterdam makes it an excellent destination for those who want to know other places in the Netherlands. It is also a good solution for travelers who have a limited budget for here is ostensibly the most economical lodging.

The distances are short in Haarlem. The train station is a few minutes from the historic center, where it is unnecessary to transport to get from one attraction to another.

Molen De Adriaan by macropoulos.

The Plaza Mayor:

To start the trip, it is best to approach the Grote Markt, or main square, where the Town Hall, Sint-Bavokerk church and the old meat market. Built in the fourteenth century, replacing the castle of the Counts, the city of Haarlem has a neoclassical façade and, inside, houses a magnificent exhibition of paintings by the counts of Holland.

Sint-Bavokerk by Mert Esmer.

Outside City Hall, even within the Grote Markt, every Saturday and Monday is a market for those that should be seen as the locals mix with tourists and queen that incomparable climate that distinguishes genuine popular fairs. On Saturday, the posts distributed throughout the square dedicated to selling flowers on Mondays, clothes, fruits and vegetables.

Historic site:

What he lacks in this little world are museums. And what if any. One of the most interesting is the Corrie Ten Boom or “secret place”, as it is the home of a family of resistance who hid Jews in World War II, before it fell into Nazi hands. Unlike Anne Frank in Amsterdam, there is preserved all the furniture, which allows a more realistic sense of what the place where refugees were hiding. Another museum is recognized by Frans Hals, baroque collections of the Netherlands and painting, sculpture and ceramics of contemporary art. The beautiful building is the seventeenth century and worked there one of the asylums of the city.

Corrie ten Boom house by stevesheriw.

Attractions of Haarlem:

One of the main attractions is the church Sint-Bavokerk, the largest of Haarlem. With a strong Gothic style and a rich architecture, dominates the view from the Grote Markt. A good advice: take a moment to enter the cathedral and see the famous Christiaan Müller organ. Its popularity lies in several aspects: the time of construction, in 1738, was the largest organ, today is the most ornate of the world and among the most famous melodies that took its 60 shades and 32 pedals is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

There is a reference to that instrument in Moby Dick, when its author, Herman Melville describes the inside of the mouth of a whale as the great organ of Haarlem. To the left of the church is a curious statue that belongs to Laurens Coster, a contemporary of Gutenberg and considered in Holland as the true inventor of printing.

The Vleeshal or Meat Hall is another of the three famous buildings in the Grote Markt. Its large turnout reflected the fact that it was the only place where I was allowed to sell meat in the city. Here are marketed fresh, while to buy salt was due to go to the Warmoesstraat, a few meters from Vleeshal. Designed in the Renaissance style, its construction dates back to 1604, when 40 vendors housed.

Until 1840 worked as a meat market and then become the national archive and library of the city. It now houses a branch of the Frans Hals museum and subsoil is the Archaeological Museum in Haarlem.

Grote Markt in Haarlem and the facade of the Vleeshal by Erwyn van der Meer. 


The Netherlands will serve you delicious food both for the winter months and for less low temperatures. In both seasons, there are delicacies to choose from. Among the “obligations” that should meet the test is a typical cheese like Gouda and Edam, and in main dishes, the meat balls, fish or prawns. That’s right: do not leave without enjoying the beer in this city. Are the lifeblood of their industry. Its development began in the fourteenth century. In 1995, the 750th anniversary of Haarlem, two beers were recreated based on original recipes and the Jopen koyto Jopen Adriaan, the year 1402 and 1407, respectively. Unforgettable.

Dinner at 'de Wandelaar', Haarlem by Sietsie.

Finally, if the walk is guided by the circuit of purchases must go through the pedestrian Houtstraat Grote, beginning at the Grote Markt and runs north to south. Here are the national clothing chains and international best known and on the narrow streets around Kleine Houtstraat and Gierstraat, dominated by boutiques and smaller businesses and flirtatious abundant cafes, restaurants and pubs.

A useful travel information, you should know that there are 3 and 4 star hotels for less than 100 euros in a room. We can only say bon voyage!

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