The “evil of the Nile”

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Few tourists are saved from the dreaded Evil Egypt Nile or popularly known as “Bad of Tutankhamun”. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration and therefore weakening, twitching in the belly and sometimes fever. Not all bodies react the same and you may suffer in different intensities, but usually affects 7 out of 10 travelers.


Photography by Carlos Reusser M.

There are tips to try and escape the “curse of the Egyptian pharaoh” and not always effective but may reduce the risk of suffering and recovery period with some tricks.

How to avoid it?


- Do not drink tap water. (It is also recommended not to drink with ice and brushing teeth with bottled water.)
- Do not drink raw vegetables.
- Use the intake of fruit and always take it bare.
- Some people are protected taking pills with meals to renew the intestinal flora.
- Many times, even following these tips on food, tourists Nile succumb to evil for other reasons.
- Avoid sudden temperature changes
- Do not take cold drinks in the most heated time being, for example, after returning from an excursion in the desert.
- The air conditioning is too cold in the places you have this service and changing the heat of the street without covering up the interior is very harmful to the body.

Remedies and tips:

- Many travelers recommend taking (Sulfaintestin) if you have diarrhea, because antibiotics have some better saves the problem. The traditional Fortasec is not always effective in Egypt and sometimes leading to a worsening, although that always depends on the organisms.
- Consult the guide, they always tend to be more effective topical medications and specific than those with passengers from their countries.
- Drinking coffee with lemon is an excellent remedy that many refuse at first, but very effective thanks to coffee and lemon purifying effect. Besides the taste is pleasant for those who like coffee.
- Drink plenty of water and whey to recover from the weakness that causes dehydration.

If all else fails, one can only hope to do as those few people who are immune to the Curse of Tutankhamen, these even if I eat everything and even drink tap water, are resistant.

Finally, another tip is to eat at an upscale restaurant, so they are reliable in terms of hygiene and food processing. Let us also take our small first aid kit for use in an emergency. Another great way to be prepared before arriving at our destination in Egypt is to address the health care centers, plus the latest phones and do not forget to keep on hand a copy of all our important documents in case of emergency power manage them (passport, identity card, except ducts, entry permit etc.).

See you tomorrow …

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