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I often describe myself as an Epicurean, I even have it on my business card, so, what is an Epicurean? and why am I writing about it? Lets get the definition out of the way first; an Epicurean is “A lover of ah things fine, especially food and wine”. Those readers of you that read my regular restaurant reviews will know that good food and good wine and Che experience of dining out in a fine restaurant is a real passion for my wife and I. We also find that like minded people enthuse about the good food and wine which enhances the gastronomic experience.

So the next question why am I writing about it? I think it is about time to unite the Epicureans of The World — well at least those that live within reasonable travelling distance of Sax, Elda, Petrer, Villena etc. Why this area you may ask, simple, one, it is close to where I live and as I’m organising this then I think it is my prerogative to define the area of operations. Two, there is a good selection of really good to very fine restaurants in that area that I have discovered and probably many that have yet to be discovered.

Shat I am proposing is a meeting of minds, a gelhing of taste buds, a unification of food lovers, an opportunity for other Epicureans to get together. I am going to suggest that a small band of gastronomes get together, once a month for Sunday lunch at a restaurant chosen by the members. Sometimes trying new restaurants, sometimes going back to the old favourites that will evolve as the “club” matures.

Who would want to be associated with this organisation? Anybody who can honestly say they are true lovers of the fine dining experience. I also have to say, and for those that can afford it! The one good thing about inland Spain is that you can eat really well without breaking the bank but it is usually more expensive than your normal run of the mill restaurants. So far, experience has shown me that a typical cost per person would be between thirty and fifty euro’s for most of Che really good restaurants, however I do know a few where you can have fabulous food for twenty of twenty five euros a head. Those cost’s are based on having a house wine or similar, costs can escalate quickly when exceptional wines and cognacs are added to the bill.

Are there any other people out there that love to savour the excitement of a new wine, rave about the exquisite flavour and texture of Galician Oysters, who know the difference between Sushi and Sashimi, appreciate the delicacy of lightly cooked Scallops wrapped in a fine Bellota Ham, people who’s endorphins flow at the thought of a superb Fillet Steak topped with a perfectly cooked sliver of fresh Foi Gras enhanced with and sauce of port and black truffles, connoisseurs who can appreciate the subtle flavours of an excellent Cava and dare I say the truly wonderful mix of a good Cuban cigar and a rich warm Cognac. Well if there are lets get together.

So to reiterate, Sunday Lunch, once a month, the first Sunday of each month seems like a good idea. Members to meet at a restaurant proposed and chosen by the members for good food, wine and intelligent conversation — what a joy.
So if you think that you may be interested in becoming one of the elite members of ”The Epicureans” All I can say now is I look forward to hearing from you.


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