The duero riverside – Castilla y León (Spain)

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Between strains, the rate of two mills
Thick walls of an inn and a barbecue beside the river harbor on this earth castellana. A glass of Payment Carraovejas by the fireplace. By car, Quintanilla de Peñafiel to Onesimo
Send this article to nightfall seven. And this Saturday February the Castilian countryside offers visitors little cozy refuge in Quintanilla de Onesimo (the system is working to correct what it considered an error and writes nth), town of Valladolid face grim as the politician who made him famous, José María Aznar, who, from 1987 until its stages as president of the Government, went there to inaugurate their political courses.

The architecture that reveals the mystery of wine
Suddenly, the winter changes: a carefully designed lighting, a glass of good wine, a little known, the fireplace on, the rumor of a dam across the river, large windows into a Chopera nude, thick stone walls up with a minimalist decoration Nordic also liked strict but calm, of quiet giving, not the ones that you of shelter.  It is the source of the Fuente de la Aceña Hotel, Promotion Weekend, 135 euros for two nights, breakfast, dinner, wine tasting and visit to winery, opened in 2002 after a successful reform, except in some places, like down to the rooms, carried by architect Roberto Valladolid Valle. The hotel combines the building of a former flour mill of more than 300 years belonged to the Marquis de Alonso Pesquera with a respectful parallelepiped crystal with 22 rooms on two floors, looking, transparent, the Duero, for leakage yet another rumor of water between the reeds and the wind among the poplars. The letter from the quiet and spacious restaurant, one of the most appreciated of the area, turn off the lights the day and night with specialties such as lasagna of morcilla, chickpeas with black octopus and cuttlefish, and roast suckling pig with apple confit. But in the end, the traveler chooses a table of Spanish cheeses and a glass of Payment Carraovejas.

Posada Fuente de la Acena

El Cochinillo Confitado a la Naranja con su Jugo, Mantequilla de Cítricos y Patatas

At the end of the path and weekend travelers feel some anxiety while having stripped their feelings, in keeping with the landscape and the walls. And note that the ghosts have returned and have been cast on the seat in the back of the car. The place we are inspired to say all this and more …

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