The Coral Coast – Beaches in brazil

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Cabo de Santo Agostinho by silvia.melo.

Coral Coast is a tourist circuit which includes the cities on the coast of Pernambuco and Alagoas. The region gets its name by having more than 150 km of coral reefs. Increasingly more tourists discover the pleasures and delights of this wonderful place, a hidden paradise between land and sea.

The row of seats or the walls that exist in this stretch of sand on the Brazilian coast is home to thousands of corals and prevents the waves from reaching the beaches. Therefore, this region has many natural pools and the sea is always calm, clear and warm, ideal for diving or playing with children.

Cultural diversity is enormous, and there are games, entertainment, festivals and beaches for all tastes. We find from the most popular, busy and urbanized as Ipojuca and Maragogi Jaboatão Guararapes, even the most quiet and deserted, as Rio Formoso, Barreiros, Sao Jose da Coroa Grande, Porto das Pedras and Barra de Santo Antonio.

There are also cities with beaches offer water sports like diving and surfing, and cities with many festivals and folk crafts. The scenery is breathtaking and it is possible that each of the cities know each particularity. And upon arriving in San Jose de la Grande Corona, you can follow the path of PE – 060, which also goes to the coast and Recife, via the coast of Pernambuco.

Below you will find beaches that most visitors have in Coral Coast.

Beaches The coast of São Miguel dos Milagres,
stretches along several kilometers from the Rua da Praia Porto to Praia do Riacho, beaches included in the protected Costa Corais two. Beautiful beaches are characterized by their fine sands, crystal clear and calm waters, ideal for swimming and water sports, and its numerous natural pools formed among the rocks and coral reefs, without a doubt one of its greatest attractions tour.

Praia Porto da Rua, the Rua da Praia Porto is the most northern beach of the municipality of São Miguel dos Milagres and one of the most popular, especially on weekends. It has pubs and bars throughout the tour and is one of the points where the famous’ Jangadas’, small boats typically used in Brazil and to bring tourists to the natural pools formed along the entire coast.

Praia do Toque, The Beach Touch is a quiet beach with fine sand, crystal clear waters and a deep green color in its waters. She is known for being in one of the largest natural swimming pools around the town, known as Touch Pool do really impressive and full of colorful fish, as well as the many swimming pools, not so large, that form at low tide by its coast.

Praia de São Miguel dos Milagres, La Praia São Miguel dos Milagres beach is more urban population. It is characterized by its fine sand, calm waters, clear and pleasant temperature, and its beautiful natural pools that form at low tide between reefs, one of its major claims. Is shaped like a bay, along which there are many pubs and bars where you can cool off, and is populated with coconut trees.

Praia do Riacho, the Praia do Riacho is the smallest beach in the municipality of São Miguel dos Milagres and one of the least frequented. Fine sand and calm waters with excellent temperature, is ideal for lovers of tranquility.

The circuit includes the Coral Coast cities such as Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Sirinhaém, Tamandaré, Jarapatinga, Porto Calvo, São Miguel dos Milagres, Passo and Camaragibe of Paripueira. Now you know more about each city, choose your favorite and hit the road, a nice trip!

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