Niza, the capital of the Riviera (Part I)

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Niza, the capital of the Riviera

At the heart of the French Riviera, between sea and mountain, between the green and deep blue, the city of Niza is emerging as a beacon illuminating one of the most renowned tourist areas of the planet. In an unusual beauty and strong cultural values of different roots, manages to gather in the city’s streets and shores to the most demanding global tourism and a local population of single-rooted customs and traditions. The beautiful Provence, the Alps that descend to the sea, Corsica and heat unknown Italian dialogue without trauma in this single point of Mediterranean geography.

Any free Web can tell you that niza is France’s fifth largest city by number of inhabitants, almost a million in its urban agglomeration, is capital of the Riviera, and tourism is the main driver of its economy. Recibe anualmente a 4 millones de turistas y su Aeropuerto es el segundo en importancia de Francia. These are numbers and figures, you know, they say nothing of everyday life and the pulse of a city, the life of its people. To find the keys to a site it is advisable to live and work on it, but hey, this is a text on tourism, back to the path.

The number and variety of attractions in the city, its history, make it an inevitable destination if one runs through the south of France. With a little curiosity, patience if we drive, waist to detect the locations at affordable prices, there are, and some command of French, Niza can be a great place. Without these conditions, you should be rich.

Though full of nuances, this shows the prosperous city, its history tells of a troubled past and laying of territorial disputes and wars of succession, its beauty and strategic location has attracted the greed of the powers that be, century after century. Founded from Marseille, 2 thousand years, sacked by the pirate Barbarossa Ottoman as belonged to the Duchy of Savoy, or hands and, of the French Republic from 1860, the vagaries of history have nourished Niçois this from a place that is more than beach and sumptuous facades.

The sea promenade des Anglais, which borders the city by the Bay of Angels is perhaps the most emblematic of the entire site Niza. The inevitable palm trees and a face full urban architectural beauty that speaks of the strong presence of the gentry. Pergolas and blue chairs facing the sea, some damaged, are a classic local landscape. Some buildings in particular as Necresco Hotel or Palace Masséna with its beautiful gardens  milestones in the busy boulevard.

The beaches that accompany the walk are many, about 20 among many other private and public. Like two parallel universes, these two types of beach have an entirely different audience to the same sea and the same view. The private stay open in season and offer the typical services, restaurant, bar, sun loungers and ambient music. Public beaches allow any human being to enjoy the sea eat a sandwich or do whatever it pleases without paying a dime. To you choose. Ah, Niza beaches are sandy and so far have not, are of pebbles, so it better not ever forget good sandals and mats. The water is great. Outside of summer, the coast of Niza is ideal for contemplative souls or love. Throughout the year, thousands of people engage in sport for the ride, and jogging, roller skate or bike ride around the world take advantage of miles off the sea. Not a bad idea to take a shoe Niza.

Niza - Vista Playas

Tomorrow, more about Niza …

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