The best ski slopes of Italy

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I dare say that the practice of winter sports most coveted is comparable with a great play. Preparing the space for months, hiring the best people, leveling the ground, until at last the curtain rises and the season starts to roll like a snowball.

In this case I intend to liken these two apparently distinct areas, with a stopover in Italy. And while it is a good place to enjoy the best theaters will not be this occasion. Today we will talk of Italy and its scenes of skiing. Rather, its ski slopes. Italy would become the great theater complex, so by the various tracks, theaters, snow, stage, and the star and protagonist, skiing. Do we agree?.

On other occasions we have landed in Spanish and French stations, now it comes time to Italy. It happens that winter sports are so attached to the European idiosyncrasy and for that reason, the tracks are so famous in Austria, Switzerland, Spain and France.

There are also many individuals who confess ski enthusiasts, those experts who hold natural conditions for the discipline, and those who are addicted once per season. And that is why we must be prepared to receive duty professionals and amateurs of skiing in all its variants, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, etc.. Italy, under its great mountain system, is presented as an ideal place to visit and use


Compass, map in hand or common sense. The question is to begin the tour of the best tracks of land more Italian. If you have to have a team of snow, or rent it at the first station.

The compass is stuck in northbound. Then we went there because the south side, there are few facilities available. The needle takes half position in the east, saying it is in the northwest where we find our first stop, Turin.

How come?

To arrive there you can also take an aerial flight to land in the local international airport. And from there, rent a car or hire a bus to take us direct to the slopes of Turin, one of the major tourist spots (according to its infrastructure and massive).

Nearby, taking the path of this, we approach the Valle di Susa, a theater beaming with several players on the scene. To wit: Sauze d Oulx, Bardonecchia and Sestriere. The latter is known to be among the most luxurious of all Italy, and to provide a modern complex of twenty tracks, some free and other segmented.

Climbing the ladder to the north, continue to Valle d’Aosta. Its location is very similar to the best scenery ever seen. Backed by the immensity of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso, the site hosts a great track, which in turn is surrounded by castles, pines and villas. If we talk about theater, this would be the best of the scenery.

And not embraced by him but at his feet, Courmayeur is looking closely at the Mont Blanc peak. It is considered one of the best resorts for skiing. Its mechanics of artificial snow can be visited in summer and winter. Includes services of cable cars and helicopters to ferry skiers to their slopes.

Ski the Dolomites:

Also in the northwest of Italy is located Station Dolomites, a place prepared for all kinds of winter sports. The famous Costina d Ampezzo and Madonna di Campiglio Complex are two other sites in which touch and taste a good dose of skiing.

And if you learn it in the Gran Sasso, Campo Felice Resort is another place, with 16 ski schools, ideal for beginners presented eager to get started in the activity.

Now there are data that should be considered when choosing the terrain on which to go onstage. However, he refuses not take them into account when privilege or evade. For example, most complex and stations mentioned in its offer the number of tracks that have, according to its color.

The black runs, for example, are those which are recommended not to enter. However, as we have seen, most of the complexes are among its services.

The blue are ideal for the skier medium. Also for the professional who wants to warm up before your workout. They experienced more than they should opt for the use of red runs. And the green (not present in the complexes mentioned) are available for trainees.

This segmentation in color range, and its proper signaling allows each skier can develop their skills, without thinking of the actions of third parties.

Professionals red land passing at high speed, while beginners, walking and make their first steps on the green markings.

Italy offers these services in their finest skiing. The winter will find them full of caps, fasteners (for cross country skiing, alpine or hiking), boots, poles, gloves and turtles. All these objects on behalf of the thousands of tourists who choose this place in the world to deploy its ski routines.

In the north, contacted the Italian Alps and on one of the most exclusive areas of the country, skiing, snowboarding and tourists from Europe and other continents have the opportunity to raise the curtain, stepping on the white stage, and become, themselves, the protagonists of a unique function.

LAGO MOLVENO por Marcio Nel Cimatti. 

Scroll through the Italian ski slopes!

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