The best places to ski in France

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What is the most refined and elegant, which has the richest perfumes, the most beautiful women, and tourist points of art and architecture? Well, it’s France as a symbol showing the famous Eiffel Tower in his native Paris. What else can you say? What more can you ask for? Wait, I think of anything more … the snow, you may be asked if snow and skiing. Well if you ask you have it and is one of the incredible ski trips. Like an a la carte menu, France also has high mountains and a long tradition of ski slopes.

Ski, France:

I propose to embark on a journey to make every visit to all sites methodical universally wonderful, the country has to offer. In turn raises the main starlet is snow and skiing. We will have to prepare, then, because there is much that lies ahead.

So, after having occupied a room and choose between multiple offers, and after having traversed Paris, Colmar, St. Remy de Provence and Cannes, after having enjoyed the beaches of the Atlantic and Mediterranean; paraded the metropolis and the French capital, we can take a relaxing on the Riviera, and then get to visit the Alps and the Pyrenees, two groups of mountains that today we are interested in knowing.

Skiing in the Pyrenees (first site of our climbing) meets a great historical tradition. Already in 1904, the French wore skis and dared to defy the odds of the mountain. He would become the exclusive sport of the gentry, and the hotel infrastructure, skills, etc.. This would grow around the building that gave him the wealthy. This boom, coupled with what was happening in other national sites, caused France to become a site adopted by skiers who seek adequate space to develop their discipline.

Today, this important and progressive growth became a tradition, and these two sites, the Alps and the Pyrenees are the most visited sites. The Pyrenees, which serve as the mediator between Spain and France, have more than ten ski resorts. To name: Font Romeu, La Mongie, Cauteret, Les Angles, Gourette, Saint Larv, and Superbagneres Louchon.

The best places to ski in France

The Alps, while considered the most important mountain chain in Central Europe, mainly by having its beak Le Mont Blanc, the highest is located north and south and separates France from Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

Snow sports, France:

There you can enjoy the seasons Courchevelm, Tignes – Val Disere, Alpe d Huez, Les Deux Alpes, Avoriaz, Val Thorens – Orelle, Valmeinier and Valloire.

Fireworks in Val Thorens por Ed.ward.

If anything elect the first choice destination ought to take an aerial flight to the airports of Perpignan, Carcassonne or Pau, and from there, rent a car or hire a shuttle service.

In the event that we chose the Alps, the road would be another. We should take a flight to Grenoble, Lyon or Marseille, and hence also continue the transfer by car or bus.

Either option should be raised in advance, as the sporting tradition has brought the country to become one of the major ski resorts. Consequently, every year, more than 300,000 tourists come to both stations with the task of being able to practice their favorite disciplines, as well as skiing, there may also develop snowboarding, sledding, or if desired, on a bike snow.

The number of visitors has turned to the Pyrenees in the most popular because of the 310,000 inhabitants, 76 percent concur therein, and the remaining 24 elected Alps.

Each region contains mountainous these two sources, in turn, a considerable number of stations. The one has is the Southern Alps, with 37 under his belt, and the least, Pyrenees Audoises with only one season.

For those interested in visiting the stations that are offered in addition to facilities around the resort, there are other activities, such as: hot water spas. This service is welcomed by those who, after long exposure to violent winter cold, wishing to end the day and enjoy a good shower of hot water immersion, which is a good way of putting the body in shape for week of next day.

For those wishing to enjoy a tour of these features the warmth of the family, there are conditions previously established and regulated by the Ministry of Tourism. According to local portfolio, all resorts, located in the mountains, must be prepared to welcome families with children over 18 months. All must hold services and benefits that family groups may become necessary. A reason, all stations comply with this rule that is offered under the name Family Plus.

For beginners who wish to be baptized in the French stations, new teaching methods that facilitate and optimize learning. Interested parties may stand with their computers, compared to a monitor and apply the skills suggested. Not only if you want to learn to ski, but also for those trying to make their first steps with a snowboard on his back.

And if we enter a unique Nordic paradise, where the snow appears as a noble symphony, also have chances. The Nordic area is an exciting place for length and maintenance, and offers reserved areas for skating and alternate step.

Also there is no place to stay. For those not interested in returning to city centers, corresponding to the station, appears on the scene “Village”, a true story people. Modern buildings do not exist and instead huddle natural spaces where they can continue practicing winter sports.

Therefore, those wishing to travel to the heart of skiing, will undoubtedly make standing in France.

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