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Milan Duomo Twilight, Italy por moonjazz.

A city or new target can be approached from many aspects when it comes to knowing: they can privilege the cultural, natural spaces, its historical tours, you can search by day or night activities, sports or chart a more relaxed itinerary with visits to museums and traditional fairs or shows.

Art and History:

Milan, located in the plains of Lombardy, one of the more developed regions of Italy, is an important financial and commercial center, not in vain is the headquarters of the Milan Stock Exchange. It is just a city that offers a multitude of options for every taste that can be combined according to personal interests and objectives of the trip. So, when visiting this city of Lombardy opens a window into the past of a city which used to be one of the richest not only of Italy but of Europe.

One of the first options to consider might be to make a panoramic tour of the city to admire and enjoy its most important tourist areas that stand between the Duomo, an incredible gothic-style cathedral, the second largest in the world, located in the geographic center of Milan. Its dimensions impress anyone: is 157 meters long and can accommodate 40,000 people inside, only the nave is impressive heights, measuring 45 meters and has five ships, besides the central and side aisles is by each of the sides, and has at least forty pillars being crossed by a transept followed by the choir and apse.

Another stop must for any visitor is the Castello Sforzesco, the essence of Renaissance Italian city and an architectural jewel built in the fifteenth century. Today this splendid Sforza Castle, dominated by the tower Filarete, is home to cultural institutions and is home to 3 museums that focus the attention of visitors.

The most popular is the Museum of Art History, for there is preserved the last work of Michelangelo, the unfinished Pietà Rondanini, depicting the Virgin cradling the body of Christ and knew that the museum purchased in 1952. Upstairs is located a large collection of paintings including works by Da Vinci, Mantegna and Antonello Messina among other great artists. The other two museums are home to the Applied Arts, which exhibits works of wrought iron, pottery and ivory, and the Archaeological Museum.


This type of journey is also an opportunity to include in the itinerary a visit to Milan’s art galleries that host a great artistic heritage of important works, among which is the famous “Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci, and complete allowing the ride to enjoy an espresso characteristic in the same bar he frequented the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi.

And if cultural cradle it is impossible to miss the Teatro alla Scala, one of the most famous opera houses in the world, where they spent great directors who are figures in the world of opera, Arturo Toscanini, Claudio Abbado, Georges Prêtre, Gianandrea Gavazzeni, Riccardo Muti and Daniel Barenboim.

Série sobre Milão, Itália - Séries about Milan, Italy - 11-01-2009 - IMG_20090111_9999_146 por Flávio Cruvinel Brandão.

A similar tour can be done if we want to stress the design. From the great architecture of the Duomo, the furniture of Cappellini, Milan has much to offer those interested in this discipline since there arise some of the brands and most popular products in the world. in this line, discover the latest trends and new designers through a private tour can take half a day, leaving more time to take pleasure, or for new rides.


This cosmopolitan and modern city has focused much of his life to the fashion business, which some of the main streets, known as the Via Manzoni and Napoleon offered a succession of windows and shops where you look all the top brands: Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Gucci, finding that the most important Italian designers have their boutiques in this fashion capital.

In this sense, one of the main attractions is the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle, better known as the Hall of Milan, where tourists can locate the major international fashion shops, cafes and the finest jewelry. This gallery has an unmistakable Italian marble tiled floor, full of vivid and mosaics which represent the figures of the zodiac. There, tradition says to look for the sign of Taurus, and, finding him to heel on and make three turns on the shaft making a wish. Another option is to go for lesser known roads of the city to discover the latest on the international fashion and obtain valuable advice from shop assistants.

Milan. Galería Vittorio Emmanuelle II por Eirtaé.

Monza – Grand Prix and Architecture:

Departing a bit from the center of the city can find other ways of beauty and culture. Only 15 kilometers from Milan, and in the world known mostly for hosting the Italian Grand Prix, Monza is a quiet and rich area of Italy. It also has a-century Duomo 1300 and the Royal Palace in the center of the city are still glare and reflections of that glorious past.

Race Results // 2009 Italian Grand Prix @ Monza por

On the other hand, the medieval center of town is located not far from Milan. It was founded on a hill by an old agreement in the protohistoric age, by which the oldest part of town lies prostrate with the hill, while the modern center has developed in the plain below. This area also has several important architectural attractions, among which one can admire the Old Town Square, Municipal Palace and the Palace of Reason.

In short, there is no way to get bored, in Milan there are many alternatives to distract you just need to develop a road map and drift through the streets and places with history and tradition. The option may be to shop, learn the history and art Milanese or taste its rich and varied cuisine, but always a guarantee of style and entertainment.

Thousands of options are open in a delightfully cosmopolitan city!

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