The beauty of a village in the mountains and the sea

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There is a small fishing village in Asturias and called bowls, which are worth visiting. Does not take long to travel because it is small, but this fishing village is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

They say that Charles I of Spain and V of Germany, landed here when he arrived in Spain, but I do not think so, because if in fact almost certainly not have wanted to go to Madrid to reign. Anyway, part of the story.

Tazones, Asturias por Javier Torres 1976.

Bowls has the title of Historical Artistic Asturias is one of the charming villages of Spain. It is divided into the neighborhood of San Miguel and the San Roque neighborhood and its inhabitants live and have always lived on fishing.

What separates Gijón only 25 miles and although the site is small and is less than 300 inhabitants, had previously been a major whaling port. “They had the reputation of good tazoneros whale fishermen, several boats rigging that came to Ireland” (Miguel A. Gonzalez Pereda).

Being close to the height de Europe beauty of the place comes from the mountains and by sea, coupled with the wonderful sunsets from here can see, make you feel in paradise with a smell of salt. And if you add flavor to that smell, I can tell you that eating bowls of fable.
They say the best seafood in the area are served in restaurants in this town. By the way, I recommend you all, one in particular. The seafood they serve you the fish themselves and to go fishing every day in their boats. Like if you do not have to wait and soon you’re in summer, but because it holds the culinary rewards awaiting you are worth. The fisherman is called, and like most restaurants in the port of bowls.
Tazones Asturias por Echale Millas.

In Tazones before or after eating, you can enjoy the beach. But, when you have to leave the car at the parking at the entrance of the village and walk down, but that is the least of. Walking enjoy seaside cottages of the bowl and its cobbled streets and humble.

When you enter the town, definitely comes to the house is striking: a house covered with shells, in which you want to make sure a photo as all who encounter it.

Near Bowls by cliffs, is one of the largest deposits of dinosaur footprints from the Jurassic of Europe.

Bowls, a town in central Asturias, in the region of the cider that will certainly always remember and will certainly recommend always.

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