The beach Malmö Sweden

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During the past 50 years Spain has been to Europe beach destination par excellence. It still is, although stiff competition from countries such as Croatia is getting complicated that position. Therefore, as beach tourism leaders are used to seeing French, German, English and Italian splashing in the warm waters of our Mediterranean coast. And Swedes, among other nationalities.

The beach Malmö - Sweden

Photography by hildgrim

What I propose today is a getaway like “the world upside down” for it will take a low-cost flight and go out for a swim at the beaches of Malmö, which is the third largest city and capital of southern Sweden.

Malmö offers many attractions to visitors in addition to its coast, making it a perfect destination for a couple or three days. It is also the gateway to Sweden to Denmark and the Oresund bridge linking it no more and no less than Copenhagen. Anyway, this article focuses on the beach side of Malmö, which more than one and two only surprised its existence.

Sturup Airport is the name of the Swedish city, and far from it about 40 km. It is operated by Ryanair, and if you book the flight time can get very cheap prices.

Malmö offers many attractions

Photography by morberg

Once landed, we take a bus that will leave Ryanair in Malmö Central Station in about 30 minutes, for about 6 euros. From there we can go to the beach either by bike or on foot, and in this case will be a pleasant walk of about 20 minutes we can take to admire from afar the Turning Torso, famous building of the prestigious architect Santiago Calatrava and image of Malmö since 2001 . The walk will also enjoy the quiet of its streets and wide avenues, and probably pass through one of its major theme parks.

Once the Baltic Sea shore in sight, surprising to see how it goes from a green area of grass and trees at the first sand dunes within a few meters. We then go to the beach in front of some old toilets located about 100 meters offshore, and there we will see the bulk of Swedish swimmers … or there will be some Danes? Sure, especially if we consider that Copenhagen is 25 minutes by train.

If we made the trip with our dog, you can also enjoy a swim on a beach enabled the effect to the right of the main towards the Turning Torso. At this point we should note that, contrary to what happens in Spain, in Sweden three months do not enjoy summer, and we thus make this output in the last week of July or early August if we do not want to become Brand swimwear.

Once enjoyed our deserved swim, we can get closer to the exclusive residential neighborhood where the Turning Torso. This is a newly created district of houses and buildings with three floors, all with balconies and looks more Mediterranean than Nordic. We can repair your energy in one of the many restaurants to continue after our visit to Swedish and Danish lands … OR simply return to home.


Photography by Riktov

Good Travel!

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