The Amazon: an illusory paradise

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The world’s most powerful river, rather than the Nile, the Ganges or the Mississippi itself. Born in the Andes, over five thousand feet, between snow and clouds, emerges from a rocky crevice, barely a trickle of clear water. While most Andean rivers have eroded the easiest path to the Pacific side, just a hundred kilometers, the Amazon chose a long journey to the Atlantic, a distance greater than that which separates New York from Paris.

The Amazon

Photography by Alberto..

When one considers sailing the Amazon, the imagination takes flight, from the huge anacondas the classic image of Indians in the distinctive bowl cut, through the colorful birds and the silent but deadly jaguar. All these images exist, but in a jungle beat actually much quieter than we think, equally elusive monster that flow currents that sweep the Amazon, barely perceptible on the surface through the vertices of swirls, which look out to be everything in its path.

Illusory paradise:

From the first voyages of the Spanish conquest of the Amazon waters, the green monster has swallowed thousands of lives of Indians and explorers. But the great river, and especially the large green curtain that spans the South American continent, has also been one of the worst hell for hundreds of scouts who were believed able to confront him. And we do not mean the movie anacondas, even predators or tens of deadly snakes, the real nightmare in these latitudes is almost invisible, tiny: mosquitoes.

Amazon of the jungle

Photography by 88rabbit

Mosquitoes, gnats, flies, larvae that grow in the worm under the skin, bacteria … to defend the forest in a much more effective. The notorious malaria is just one of her plagues. If in a single night in the jungle, under a hammock and a mosquito net and with his body covered with mosquito repellant and clothing you can get to have more than 30 bites on one leg, imagine the feat of spending months sleeping ceiling when you’re not a native.

The forest green, dark, with its impenetrable walls rising into the sky has been seen since the first expeditions as an illusory paradise, where the lush vegetation is actually almost barren for agriculture. The constant flooding of the land in the rainy season and the strength of vegetation that makes clear just came to convince the scouts of the impossibility of developing a great civilization in these latitudes where they were starving with nothing to put into mouth.

Today, with all the technological advances to reach, exploration and royalty is not the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries, and may even be a “walk” through the jungle with luxurious amenities, but even large extensions of the Amazon have been destroyed and built up, the giant continues to resist. The roads do not reach Iquitos, Manaus only one track more or less passable by land connects it to Venezuela, and these are large populations, the rest day to day continue to defend those meters stolen from the jungle. And always at the edge of rivers, the interior is another story, dozens of tribes live there and some of them still do not have hardly any contact with the “‘white man’, or desire.

The Amazon: an illusory paradise

Photography by 88rabbit

The Amazon is hoping that colossus of vegetation is explored and understood!

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