Sydney: Spectacular, avant-garde, wild and diverse

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Getting to Sydney for the first time is a very special experience … Smell the air, the color of the sky … Exit the airport and go way to the city, is something that remains forever in the retina, even for experienced travelers and many stamps in your passport, Sydney is that, simply Sydney, the real capital of Australia, although not recognized as such. What to do and see on a first visit to Sydney …

Sydney Opera House Close up HDR Sydney

Photography by Linh_rOm

To start, a must for the traveler from far away are the world famous Sydney Bridge, more than a place, is an icon of the city, with its monumental structure is a masterpiece of engineering and a source of pride for Australians. This place is visited by thousands every year to marvel at the magical view of the city and for the pleasure it gives each one of them feel the click of his camera capturing the image as well known around the world through millions postcards, but has the courage to be unique and be a piece of frozen time and space are witnessing once was there.

 Circular Quay

Photography by adactio

The Opera House in Sydney, with its particular structure, is probably the most recognized symbol of the city and is another must see. Built by famed architect Jørn Utzon (yes, with that weird symbol of Scandinavian origin rather than the “o”), with its particular structure is in itself a sight line and design and as such, a reference class art world. It is impossible to go to Sydney and visit the Opera House. Many of the spaces around the Opera House in Sydney are open to the public, and there are guided tours daily.

Particular elements are The Rocks Sydney, a complex rock at the base of the bay, literally, is the foundation of the city. This place has become a veritable open-air museum and is surrounded by an attractive shopping area, which increases their interest to travelers, making Sydney a first class tourist destination and very interesting, there is nothing better than a afternoon getting to know the beautifully preserved colonial sector of the city, next to The Rocks.

And in this same area, near the bay, the port, the rocks and the Opera House, Circular Quay is a construction of the sea where they meet a number of attractions and serves as a reference point along the route, well located with shops and restaurants, this area is integrated into the circuit through the city trams, so it is not difficult to understand why this place has become one of the wonders of Sydney.


Photography by Peter Shanks

And after Circular Quay, why not continue with the Royal Botanic Gardens towards the Art Gallery of New South Wales? A challenging hike leads to a wonderful tour along the most culturally developed sector of the city.

The bay is also an incredible place to visit. The port of Sydney has a wonderful view, as well as various routes over the water where visitors can choose to follow it. No visit to Sydney is complete without seeing the city from one of the ferries that daily surround the place. The experience of sailing the bay of Sydney has completed visiting Manly Corso, where a variety of restaurants and cafes complete the picture drawn throughout the day.

Government House, located above the Botanical Gardens and the Opera House, offers a perfect image of Gothic architecture from colonial times. In addition to displaying their wonderful architecture, art, design and furniture of the era of the founding of New South Wales, this walk through the history of the city, turns out to be very comfortable in the pocket.

Of course, and because of its enormous size and diversity, Australia is rich in flora and fauna as well, different, unique and spectacular to be in Sydney to be in the best place to meet.

Koala Park Sanctuary, a beautiful park in the suburbs north of Sydney, is a unique experience to be around animals more representative of Australia, its marsupials. Through a tour with experienced guides who have to explain everything, – Not to mention that you can even hold them and feed them! – You may be happy with the riches of living beings.

Sydney is diversity, beauty, nature, modernity, past, future, present … There is much to see and lots to do, these are just some clues.

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