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The State of Amapá, is a vast jungle where the natives live in the west, where the swamps are home to species of plants and animals and an extensive network of rivers and forests across the region, characterize the area.

The tropical forest dotted by huge navigable lakes suitable for fishing and hiking to bird watching and reptiles.

The state of Amapá is located in the extreme north of Brazil, is bordered by the Amazon River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Has a total area of 143,453 square kilometers over which distributes a population of 615,715 inhabitants and 16 cities.

Their language is the Tupi, Amapá name means “place of rain”, due to its location on the continent.

This is probably the only territory of Brazil, which remains almost intact its rich biodiversity. Only 1% of the Amazon forest, which covers 70% of the state (140,276 km2), has been devastated.

The river Araguari in place is a phenomenon that occurs in Pororoca (waves that form in the mouth of the river to the Atlantic Ocean), on the border with French Guyana.

In this place a phenomenon occurs in the river is well known that the phenomenon of Pororoa.

The phenomenon of Pororoca, is a natural phenomenon caused by the encounter with the ocean currents river flows in periods when the tide is in the days of new moon.
The phenomenon occurs when water from the rising tide would try to invade, but the mass of the river was opposed with great resistance. How fresh water is clearer than sea salt, then you will spread a great distance by the sea initially, and the delay waves of Tides. At a time when the sea wins, breaking the balance and the tidal wave of growing tremendously, fueled by winds and moved towards the River.
Wave height from three to six meters;
Duration of the wave: 40 minutes
Speed: 20km / h
Frequency: 12 to 12 hours.

Transport and tour of the area:
BR 156, with a duration of 01h30 (Ferreira Gomes)
BR 156, with entry at 50 km
AP 070 through the road Curiaú, lasting 2 hours

Boat, 6 to 8 hours’ duration, duration of 3 hours (Ferreira Gomes)
Medium-sized boat for the mouth of the Amazon River to Foz Araguari, lasting 15 to 18 hours.
Places to Visit:
Macapá is the capital of the State of Amapá. It is the largest town on the margins of the Amazon River, its population is: 344,194 hab. It is situated on the equator, in the area where the waters of the river are immense with the Atlantic.

Its natural attractions are the beaches and inland rivers include Araxa Fazendinha and Lake Curiarú. The walks by the river, crossing the forest, is a very good option. It is interesting to visit the Fortress of San Jose and San Jose Catholic Church (1761).

Macapá International Airport
Hildeman Maia Street s / n
Distance from downtown: 3km
Companies that operate flights to Macapá:
GOL, PUMA, TAM and Varig

Bus terminal Macapá
Address: BR-150 (head of the Technical Police)
Make your reservations on the weather for you.

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