State of Alagoas – “calm water beaches in Brazil”

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It is a region of great contrasts, where tradition and modernity are blended.

The State of Alagoas, has an area of 27,731 square kilometers and is considered one of the lowest in Brazil.
Its estimated population for 2005 was: 3,015,912 hab.
Is one of the most important tours of the Brazilian coast. This because of his paradise of beaches and crystalline waters.

Around the coast of Alagoas the sea have varied shades of green and blue.

The state of Alagoas was one of the regions in which Virgolino Ferreira da Silva, “Lampião, traveling with his band of henchmen. He is the most famous bandit (a kind of Robin Hood Brazilian) of Brazil, a kind of Justiciero for a decade that spread terror throughout the Brazilian Northeast.

Since Paripueira Maragogi. Meet the most beautiful beaches on the north coast of Alagoas.

They Paripueira indigenous language, which means “calm water beaches and 27 km of which are of Maceió. It has beautiful beaches with natural pools, such as the Green Dream Beach noted for its beauty and its infrastructure. This ecological paradise is the place where the famous manatee refuge (Manatee), endangered species. The region founded the City Park for the preservation of the marine manatee, only one in Latin America.

Maragogi Beach, is the second most desired state of Alagoas, Maceió and Recife. Since this is approximately 125 km each. Its natural beauty is known for its large, extensive coconut plantations, the city is an invitation to the rest remains to be known. You can find several hotels, inns and restaurants, almost all near the sea.

How to get there?
It can be accessed by air and ground mainly, from the International Airport of Maceió.

The airlines are operating scheduled flights: Gol, Ocean Air, Tam, Varig, EasyJet
Distance from Downtown: 25 km

By land:
Maceió Bus Terminal
Address: East-West Avenue, s / n º – Feitosa

Alagoas cuisine seduces the taste of visitors. Dishes are prepared with different ingredients and the finest seafood. The restaurants offer different menus, with options for regional and international cuisine.

The food is quality service, offers menus with products from the sea, rivers and lakes. The sururu, for example, found in ponds, is a seafood prepared on the basis of land ingredient: coconut milk.

The fruit of the coconut milk is extracted to improve the taste of the seafood dishes and also for the manufacture of candy and cocadas, the kitchen has Alagoano delicious desserts.

Alagoas is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday and especially for tourists who enjoy life near the sea, the beaches are spectacular and even have some natural pools that give the feeling of being in the same paradise. Alagoas Definitely recommended!


Maceió, capital of Alagoas, is the principal city of the Costa Dorada. Born in the seventeenth century from a sugar mill and a church, today the Cathedral of Maceió.
Has many of the best beaches and most beautiful lakes in northeast Brazil. Maceió is recognized by the security offered to the tourist and the cleaning service, in addition to its delightful cuisine, predominantly marine.
It has 750 thousand inhabitants, but this population has tripled in the holiday season with the arrival of national and international tourism, which fortunately is sustained thanks to the wide range of hotel services.

Located 100 km north of Maceió, Maragoggi by many is called the pearl of the Costa Dorada. It is a small town on the coast of fine sand and crystalline waters. In a neighborhood located next to the beach you can buy local crafts.

Two kilometers away, in Pontal of Maragoggi is a recreational complex of the same name that offers buffet, ultralight rides and buggy, rented jet skiing, banana rides, among others.
It is unforgivable to leave the exquisite taste of prawns and lobsters are one of the delights of this place.

In the San Francisco River, just 185 kilometers from Maceió, is the historic city of Penedo folklore and its various manifestations, with a colonial past and the vestiges of the slave trade in the seventeenth century.

There is no doubt that the beaches are the peak of interest to the visitor of Alagoas.
The most central are Coqueiros Sete, Ponta Verde and Jatiuca, frequented during the day but at night much. Nightlife develops most intensively in those beaches where there is a great display of restaurants, bars with live music, bowling, etc..
The more distant as San Miguel Barra, Praia do Gunga Beach or French, on the southern coast, are very extensive and attract large attendance during the day. This sector is where many so-called natural swimming pools formed by coral reefs and waves that hold the water in turn mirrors gentle, perfect for water sports. We recommend a rental car for the move to this place, although there are buses that cover this route.

In the north coast’s best known for its calm waters, is the Sonho Verde beach. For lovers of surf beaches are ideal Cruz das Almas, Jatiuca, Sobral, and Pontal da Barra. But if you want less of bars, few people, marine nature, we recommend Guaxuma, Jacarecica, or Torta Garça Riacho Doce.

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