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Spa Hervideros is located in the Valley of Ayora-Cofrentes, one of the most beautiful areas of the Valencian geography, the complex covers an area of 120 hectares covered with pine trees and gardens, about 460 metres above the level of the sea, and at a distance of 105 kilometers from Valencia and 3.5 km. Of the town of Cofrentes, in the direction of the neighbouring province of Albacete on the road Hervideros (CV-439).

The Spa Hervideros of Cofrentes with an area of 2,000,000 m2 and 400 metres above sea level is located in the Valley Cofrentes, one of the most beautiful areas of the Valencian geography.

Its waters were declared PUBLIC UTILITY by Royal Order of November 15, 1902. For gas minerals are classified as: Bicarbonated mixed – Sulfatado-Magnésicas – Ferruginosas – Carbónicas.
One uniqueness of the facility is the varied composition of the housing units that are scattered throughout the complex as if it were a small town.

The Thermal Centre was inaugurated by the year 1,989 and is one of the most comprehensive, modern and best equipped in Spain.

“Thermal Centre,” with all kinds of modern facilities, which are conducted treatments hidroterápicos under medical supervision and specialized assistance:

His current design and vanguards, allows the most complete spa in their various specialties:

  • Rheumatology.
  • Breathing apparatus.
  • Nervous System.

To complement the traditional treatments for digestive that always serve in the spa, through making their medicinal mineral waters. Thermal Center remains open virtually all year.
It has not been easy to change the image of the traditional user of Bath, but evolution, the inexorable passage of time and changing mores have succeeded.

Some of the treatments offered are: moisturizing facials, purifying, bleach, regenerators, energizing, … etc., as well as body treatments like baths, massages, hair-removal treatments, Keeling and wrapping, Shower filiform circular spray pressure, Saunas, etc..

Look for a vacation and decided to come to the spa hervideros in Cofrentes without pensártelo live for a few days descaso and leave the stress, we also have a hotel to reserve your room, apartments and cottages for rent.

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Spa Hervideros

Spa Hervideros

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