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Santa Cruz is a town in the mountains and tropical paradise of Bolivia, a division of lush vegetation withhuge expanses of forest and grassland, located in eastern Bolivia. With an area of 320,000 square km of which only one third comprises a mountainous region and the rest is spread over the Amazon floodplain, located in eastern Bolivia, is bounded on the north by the department of Beni and the Republic of Brazil; andalusia south by the department of Chuquisaca and the Republic of Paraguay, the east by the Republic of Brazil and the west by the departments of Beni, Cochabamba and Chuquisaca.
The region of Santa Cruz is a beneficiary of a privileged climate and a generous nature.

Warm climate that fluctuates between 20 and 30 degrees C on average.

People:He adds tremendous natural beauty that keeps its friendly people, especially in small towns, traditions, art and tranquility in life.
Tourist attractions:
Fort Samaipata
Fort Samaipata is the most important archaeological site east of the land and was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are several pre-Columbian cultures settled eventually be used as a ceremonial place incaico. These ruins have the technical architecture of the pre-Columbian rock carving and zoomorphic representations.
Jesuit Missions
The Jesuit Missions, declared by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage, jewels of Baroque architecture, which are dispersed in a radius of 500 km to the north and east of Santa Cruz.
Settled where the city of Santa Cruz to be transferred from Chiquitos, is 20 km from the capital. Here is the famous shrine of Our Lady of Cotoca, patron of the department of Santa Cruz.

Cotoca is an interesting pottery center offering rustic pottery, typical of the region in addition to a delicious regional cuisine.

Laguna PalmiraThis gap is 8 km. south of the city, behind the oil refinery Palmasola. Here congregate the enthusiastic audience Cruz weekends to watch the boat racing bike.
It is a very nice place of recreation for its peacefulness and beauty. Waterfalls, crystal 20 meters in height, form and produce cataracts staggered wells and pools. A 40 km. of the city.
This picturesque town is situated on the banks of the river Piarí and retains a small church in the eighteenth century, besides the appearance and habits that characterized the city of Santa Cruz before its explosive growth of the last 40 years. Porongo is only 18 km. of the city.
Ecotourism attractions:
In large parts of the plains are national parks, forest reserves and navigable rivers throughout the year suitable for the practice of canoeing and fishing. It is also possible to make expeditions into the Amazon.
National Park Amboró
It is located in the vicinity of populations Warnes, Montero and Portachuelo. Internándote in the magical forest of eastern Bolivia, go to Buena Vista Park and then Amboró, unique ecological park, with endemic flora and fauna, geography presents a mountain valleys and deep canyons and river channel form streams and waterfalls . In the area, echoes tourist activities, photo shoots and camping.

The Pantanal
Unique destination in the world where you can marvel at the vastness of its forests, swamps and its rich flora and fauna, can be done in hiking, photo safaris, flora and fauna observation of the day or night, boating and horse in addition to sport fishing and handicraft.
In Santa Cruz, and the beef churrasco (BBQ andalusia American equivalent) is one of the favorite foods. But to taste the typical food you recommend dishes like Maja, locro wagoner, pacumuto or peanut soup.

Typical dishes:
Maja: Preparations made from a mixture of rice or duck jerky, fried egg on top and fry bananas.
Locro Road: A chicken soup with rice, cassava (manioc) and boiled bananas. 
Pacumuto: Cuts of meat strung on a skewer accompanied by cassava (manioc) or boiled and fried rice cooked with cheese.
Peanut soup: a thick soup with vegetables and peanut butter chips in a row above.
Typical Beverages and Refreshments:
Mocochinchi: prepared with boiled dried peaches.
Chicha: prepared based on corn.
Somo: Chicha similar but includes boiled corn.

Typical baked:
Cuñapé: Small cake flour made from cassava (manioc) with cheese.
Rice Pie: Baked rice and cheese.
ZONZA: Mashed cassava (manioc) and mixed with cheese on a stick formed and then cooked on a grill or oven.
Masaco Banana: Banana fry crushed and mixed with cheese, pork or beef jerky and sometimes fried.
Masaco yuca: Yuca (cassava) and boiled cheese mixed with crushed or shredded pork or beef jerky.
Arepas: Pancakes cornmeal mixed with cheese and fried.

Good food to choose to your liking and tourism “tall” offers Bolivia in Santa Cruz.

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