San Jose, Costa Rica

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San Jose is a city located in the Central Valley and is considered the core of the so called Metropolitan Area, which covers an area of 170 square kilometers and a population of approximately 1,500,000 inhabitants. It is located in the center of the area most densely populated country. Within its boundaries stand majestic mountains, lots of Talamanca and Cordillera Central, the city is surrounded by mountains that offer an amazing landscape.

Offers, like many other parts of the republic, sites of historical interest, which speak of the gradual, peaceful and democratic path that the Costa Rican people and indicate that the national will to reach higher levels, starting from the best that the world offers in each period. You can make a journey that shows the City of San Jose, historical monuments, museums, parks and residential areas. Begins at the Park of the Sabana Rohrmoser and that is one of the most beautiful residential areas, continuing through the central Guangzhou, through Central Park and Metropolitan Cathedral. The first stop is at the opulent National Theater is an architectural jewel built in 1897.

Recommended Sites:
Many museums are temples of culture and are very busy. The theater, of which Costa Rica is considered a regular viewer of developing critical thinking, provides seasonal interest groups works performed by professional actors, the attractions we have:
- Plaza of the Culture
- Central Park
- National Museum

The headquarters of the army when it existed, is now the headquarters of the National Museum of Costa Rica that keeps a vast collection of pre-Columbian and colonial history and the beginning of the Republic, as well as samples of major natural sciences. Located between 17th Street and Central Avenue in San Jose, is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 am to 5 pm

- Jade Museum: This contains a fascinating collection of artefacts from pre-Columbian jade. Is in the building of the National Insurance Institute between calle 7 and Avenida 7. Open Monday to Friday, ongoing shift from 9 am to 3 pm.

- Museo del Oro: Provides a permanent exhibit of pre-Columbian gold objects in a modern and large underground room. Situated at the Plaza de la Cultura.

- Melica Salazar Theater
- Zoológico Simón Bolívar
- Teatro Nacional: Costa Ricans are proud of this architectural gem, built in 1897, has become the symbol of their culture. Sumptuous decor and neatly, is the most beautiful theaters in Costa Rica.

Where to shop?
We have several places to go:

Central Market in downtown San Jose
Mall Plaza del Sol San Pedro, Curridabat
Plaza Mayor – Rohrmoser
Plaza Colonial – Escazú
Multiplaza – Escazú

On the west side (Escazú)

Some places to go:
SAMBUKA: (the place not the drink) is great, you will sit on the balcony where you have a great view of the people, enjoying their favorite beverage.

BAABU: Located in the Centro Comercial Trejos Montealegre, with live music. Alongside is Baabu Orale “LA CANTINA” an international restaurant, with videos and the best variety of margarita and tequila in the country.

SAPO VERDE: BAR-DISCOTECA Dance Video, located on the third floor of Plaza Colonial with a wild selection of music and high tech.

- Lado Este (San Pedro)
Some places to go:

THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE BOCA DEL MONTE: Restaurant, Bar and Gallery, entertainment with live music and enjoy good cocktails.

RIO: Bar and Restaurant, located at The Boulevard in Los Yoses as Sambuka, you can stay on the balcony watching the people. At night it is a great place to meet people.

El Coyote: Bar and Restaurant located in downtown San Pedro Shopping Mall, every day of fun, entertainment with live music, fashion shows, and a variety of drinks and cocktails.

PK2: Cocktail and Bar located on the first floor of Mall San Pedro.

MAGA THE CAFE OF THE ARTISTS: Located in the shopping Cocorí, this is a common place for bohemians and artists, live music in a peaceful environment.

If the party:

You can dance the night INFINITO, and Plaza Cocoloco DISCO CLUB!

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