San Francisco has always been recognized as a city of free spirit

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San Francisco has always been recognized as a city of free spirit. Always fascinating to see the trams climbing its steep streets and neighborhoods overlooking the bay, witness to the stories of Alcatraz in the background. The weather in San Francisco remains stable throughout the year, despite the fog that often fall in summer and the constant rain of winter. But any time of year is good to visit San Francisco.

There are so many things to see and do in San Francisco. The hippies, prisons and parks, the seafood in the market, art, architecture, the entire city of San Francisco itself. In addition, the city has one of the largest gay communities in the world, and its celebration of Gay Pride is the most spectacular in the world.

Maybe San Francisco is the best city in the United States. Streets that seem real roller coasters, the mist that falls on the beautiful San Francisco Bay, crossed by the famous Golden Gate and referred by the prison of Alcatraz. Everything you say is not San Francisco. But at least, here we go, do you dare?.

Cuisine in San Francisco:
It is best to go to the docks of the Golden Gate and test your seafood dish such as soup of clams, cream of seafood with clams. Not only can be taken in a restaurant, but you can ask for bread stuck in the classic sourdough bread, to eat on the street. Another typical product of San Francisco is the Dungeness crab, both in pasta dishes or as a Rollito.

Transport in San Francisco:
The public transportation system in San Francisco is known as MUNI, with buses, the famed cable car or tram and metro. The price of tickets is worth the same on all transport, except the cable car, a little more expensive. Transhipments free can be made within a period of 90 minutes from the purchase of the ticket. The subway and buses operate 24 hours a day, although the service is more limited after midnight.

You can buy a MUNI passport, valid for one, three or seven days of unlimited travel throughout the city. There is another type of transportation, known as BART, a subway system and train very cheap, which connects the city with the East Bay and the airport. There are also taxis, but they are hard to find, especially at rush hour.

Visits to San Francisco:
Golden GateIs the symbol of San Francisco, and perhaps one of the most photographed monuments in the world. Can be seen almost anywhere in the city, but often it involves the fog. With three kilometers long, was the longest suspension bridge in the world when built in 1937. It really is one of the great engineering achievements of the twentieth century. They say that wire was used in its construction, which could give him several laps world.

If you want to experience the power of this structure, you only have to walk through it. The view may be taken from the San Francisco Bay are unsurpassed. It is funny, but its sidewalks are full of phones, due to the high rate of suicides that take place there. Pedestrian access to take place from sunrise to sunset, or not happen to think that they can pass through at night. If you drive, yes, but an eye, if you head south you have to pay $ 5 toll.

At the heart of San Francisco Bay is the island of Alcatraz, or the Rock, one of the most popular National Recreation Area Golden Gate. There we met the famous prison of the same name, where Al Capone was imprisoned. Hence no one could not escape, with its sheer cliffs and icy waters of the Bay, known for its treacherous currents.

Fisherman’s Wharf
Fisherman’s Whare is the commercial epicenter of San Francisco. Always busy, it was the old fishing port, dock today with dozens of boats anchored. In its streets you can buy very good seafood, plus shops, restaurants, bars and markets. From here you can take the ferry to Alcatraz and other cruise ships that ply the bay.

Golden Gate Park
This is the largest green space in San Francisco, and extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Haight, with gardens, lakes, numerous sporting facilities and museums. On Sundays it becomes a playground for runners, cyclists and walkers. The California Academy of Sciences includes the Natural History Museum, Aquarium and Planetarium.

Cable Cars
One of the most popular tourist attractions of San Francisco and endearing is the tram of 130 years, the only surviving system of cable cars across the United States. Today, this museum piece continues to function thanks to its inhabitants, who did not want to remove. It is wonderful to go up and down on it over the steep slopes of San Francisco, listening to sound the bell. The fare is $ 3.

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