San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina

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Located in the northwest region of Argentina is the capital of the province of Catamarca. It is located along the river valley at the foot of the hill Ambato.
Integrates the semiarid region of the country, is 543 meters above sea level, nestled in a valley bounded by mountains of Ambato and Ancasti. Andean heights, rivers and ponds make this area an ideal place for hiking enthusiast.

The climate is temperate continental with average annual temperatures of 20 º C in the east and center, with a maximum of 45 degrees C in summer. In winter the temperature varies between 20 ° C and 5 º C, recorded in the mountain temperatures up to -25 º C.

A San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca is accessible by plane to the airport Felipe Varela, which is a few kilometers from the city. Receives daily flights from three private companies’ interprovincial and three weekly flights on a regional basis.
Catamarca voice in Quechua means “strength in the skirt” and suggested the site survey of the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca.
Urban architecture presents own red roofs of the colonial era, with large porches and patios sun. It is surrounded by four streets surrounding the pace of the city.
Place chosen by tourists from everywhere, holds many natural and cultural attractions. Offers activities like trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking in 4×4 trucks, in addition to preserving historical and archaeological tours fascinating.
In the city a visit to the cathedral, with its neoclassical style, the central plaza on May 25, with its particular route, the Archaeological Museum, Artisan, Fine Arts and Sports, as well as the famous Grotto of Our Lady of the Valley.

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On the mountains, a few kilometers from the center, you can know the cost of Portezuelo, La Puerta, El Rodeo-beautiful dream sites and dams and the Pirquitas El Juncal, where water sports can be developed.
In the winter the city hosts the Fiesta Nacional del Poncho, where there are exhibitions of ponchos, decorated belts, carpets, blankets, carpets and other regional tissues.
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca is undoubtedly a place to enjoy the hospitality of its landscapes and its people
Contrasting landscapes framed San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, northwest of Argentina, on the banks of the River Valley, and nestled between the mountain ranges of Ambato and Ancasti. This “strength in the skirt,” as the voice Quechuan Catamarca, preserves part of its colonial architecture almost as a symbol of peaceful life of local people, and respect for the past that prevails there.

Tourist and commercial center of the province, San Fernando received hospitality feature hundreds of visitors who choose it as a destination to enjoy its many natural beauties. Show, moreover, a rich cultural experience that is specifically manifested in institutions and museums, but it can feel each step along the streets of the city and its environs.

Hiking enthusiasts will find paradise in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, their territory and their height gap. Mountaineering, tours 4×4 trucks, classic rides are just some of the activities that can be developed while admiring the scenic beauty of the place itself.

The itinerary citadino cannot rule out a visit to the Plaza on May 25 and the admiration of the neoclassical style of the Cathedral Museum of Fine Arts, Sport, Archeology, and Artisan is also inevitable in this tour stops Catamarca. Cuestas Quebradas magnified and the nature of the work in San Fernando making this a tourist area of various options.

Close to seaside villas, where you can enjoy clean air and water, this town of Catamarca no time expired. During the winter when the temperature drops considerably, becomes seat of the Fiesta Nacional del Poncho, where attractive exhibits tissue takes the praise of all hydrants present.
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca is a destination just as valid as metals which are still preserved in mines located in their territory. A land blessed by nature and cherished by the hospitality of its inhabitants.

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