Rural and Religious Tourism in Andújar

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The Town of Andujar is located in the province of Jaen in Andalusia, Spain, is the largest municipality in the province. It is the capital of the Region of the Countryside.
The city of Andújar is located along the Guadalquivir River in the foothills of the Sierra Morena.

The municipality is divided by the Guadalquivir River to the south in a beautiful lush green countryside and the north is the Sierra Morena, mayor of this territory forms part of the Sierra de Andujar Natural Park, with large attractive landscapes, cultural and a diverse flora and fauna.

The town of Andujar bases its economy on agriculture with emphasis on olive cultivation, the manufacture of fine crafts in ceramics and their vast range of natural tourism resources and its rich historical heritage. Due to high demand for accommodation by tourists traveling to the region to spend their vacations, there are many individual chalets scattered across the territory of the municipality.

The city of Andújar in its infancy had a rich architectural heritage, which was unfortunately lost in the civil war. But there is the Plaza of Spain, where you can see the Palace Hall, built with beautiful architecture. The church of San Miguel, is notable for its Gothic architecture, are also part of the attractions of the city. Opposite the church of St. Mary is the Clock Tower in Arabic style, which is an excellent vantage point from where you get a beautiful view of the city.

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The main attraction of the city is celebrating the festival of the Virgen de la Cabeza, held from April 20 to May Day, the shrine of the Virgin is a building with beautiful architecture, which is visited each week by tourists from all over Spain.

Festivities for the Pilgrimage many tents are installed in the city, waiting for the massive pilgrimage, who as part of their offering roll in one place flowers at the feet of the Virgin. Andujar is a very important city in which to religious tourism is concerned, because every year the city hosts more than one million pilgrims during the last weekend of April.

The Hill of the head, is the place housed the shrine of the Virgen de la Cabeza, located 30 kilometers from the city, is the path traveled by horseback, on foot, in carriages or automobiles by the thousands of devotees every year increases.

Another important festival is the holy week, religious holiday feast that has been declared of national touristic interest, the Easter processions take place through the historic center of town, creating an impressive atmosphere. Andújar is a city of rich cultural, historical and social, plus the beautiful natural resources where you can make excursions by bike, on foot or horseback adventure sports like paragliding. We must emphasize that abound in the area fully equipped rural accommodation or want to save are places where you can camp at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape that gives us the Sierra Morena.

No doubt religious and rural tourism in Andujar has not lost!

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