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Roma, the capital of Italy, is a heady blend of artistic and architectural masterpieces, classical ruins, piazzas, baroque churches and wasteful.
Rome was built on seven hills – Capitoline (commonly known as Campidoglio), Palatino, Esquilino, Viminale, Celio, Quirinale, and Aventine. Two of these historic hills, the center of ancient Rome, the center of the civilized world (hence, the true meaning of the words “All roads lead to Rome”) was formed.

It is difficult to say what you will find in the Eternal City, the arrogant opulence of the Vatican, the timelessness of the discussion forum, the speed of the local golf club, millions of cats at the Coliseum, or the many galleries and museums.

This is a city that will fill your senses too. Sera architecture, food, the timelessness of the site, its monuments and people. Just that, Rome, where it has always been, is a monument to the beauty, history and eternity.

Tour in Rome:
Runs the best places in Rome. Visit the most important monuments of Rome, Italy.
The Coliseum, the Vatican, the discussion forum …. Where to start? Well, where you begin to secure its end with sore feet. There are many roads in Rome, but fortunately there are many coffee shops for espresso and pastries to help on the way! The old town of Rome is very walkable, not only because of its compact size but also because of the beautiful views with which you inevitably gives along the way. Rome is a dream for artists with grand palaces and ancient ruins that were scattered across the picturesque city, but Rome is the art of how these ancient monuments that sit so comfortably along the team is in the coffee shop designer labels and street markets in Rome today. Rome is one of those cities that have something for everyone in fact paintings of rebirth and a quiet walk in the park, the cosmopolitan lifestyle of hectic modern Roman.

Hotels in Rome: 
Visit the most spectacular hotels in Rome. Tourism in the city of Rome.
Grand Hotel de la Minerve
This stylish and elegant hotel is housed in a magnificent seventeenth century building which belonged to the family of Fonesca. Was reopened in 1990 after 13 years of being closed and had a period of six years of restoration by architect Portoghesi.

Located near the Pantheon, it is very central, and a magnificent view of the roof to the city.
The guest rooms have every comfort and are tastefully decorated using elegant French fabrics.

In the main hall is a statue of the goddess Minerva (established 1850), and its reflection can be seen in the material passing white marble floors with yellow swirls.

Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi
This hotel is decorated in classical style and was designed in the 60s by the architect Gio Ponti.
Has gone through extensive changes that have completely transformed the interior: a beautiful lobby complete with fireplace and conference rooms are very impressive.

The hotel overlooks one of the most famous places in the city: Borgheset Villa with a lovely view of your private pool and the bedrooms. The top floor there is a display that extends desdee Villa Borghese to St. Peter.
Bedrooms are traditionally furnished and the restaurant “Pauline Borghese” dá hotel for the botanical garden.

Since 1889, this luxurious hotel has totally had the privilege of living in a prestigious place in the heart of the famous Via Veneto is the heart of Rome.
Designed by architect driver at the time, Gaetano Koch, the hotel reached the peak of his fame around the 20s when celebrities chose Via Veneto and the Roman center stay.
Each guest room in the hotel has been carefully shaped with a unique combination of furniture, fabrics and curtains. The beds come in eight different measurements and the leaves are pure linen.

Restaurants in Rome:
We list some that you might actually pleasure, and your address to locate you.

The traditional Roman dinner in Italy. Dinner pastas best in the world.
Ristorante – Pizzeria Colonne
Via dei Serpenti, 91.
Closed Sundays.
Romanas Amatriciane and specialties.

Trattoria Scavolino
Vicolo Scavolino, 72-73-74.
Roman specialties.

Boccon Divino
Via del Pavone, 28.
Closed Sundays in August.
Italina cuisine of high quality.


It is said that all roads lead to Rome. And it is. Rome can be reached by land, sea or air. The connections by road to Rome historically known since the time of the Roman Empire, a network of roads that communicate the city with the world. However, the most common way to travel to Rome today is not the road but the plane.

The main airport is the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, known as Fiumicino, which is located about 30 kilometers southwest of the city. Fiumicino airport has three terminals, which operate both domestic and international flights.

To travel between the airport and the city center you have several options available, there are bus services, train or taxi. Two trains cover the route, stopping at Termini station, the first is the Leonardo Express, which connects the city with the airport every 30 minutes. The second is the Metropolitan FM1 making the same journey, but with several stops. It also covers the route is a regular bus service.

Train in Rome:

Moreover, you can reach Rome by train from most European capitals. Termini Station is the main point of communication for railways in Italy, and more than 800 trains arrive daily at this station. In addition, long-distance buses also provide connection to Termini.

Another option is to get to Rome by ship. All ports of the province of Lazio are well equipped, and from here you can travel to the rest of the country. The main port of Civitavecchia is Rome.

Rome by car:

Finally, if you prefer to travel by car, Rome is one of the best cities to communicate with their surroundings. Thus, throughout the country there is a huge infrastructure of roads and highways.

The only drawback to travel to Rome by car is driving by the city, traffic is chaotic and very dense. This, along with the driver of the Romans, which makes driving on the city is a high risk sport for outsiders.

Public Transport
The best way to see Rome is on foot. Most of the monuments and areas of interest are within a relatively short distance within the area itself, which allows the traveler to see all corners of the city without much problem.

Good trip in the city of old Italy!

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