Rome is the most historic city in the world

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Rome, capital of Italy and a cosmopolitan city like no other, offering endless possibilities for taste and pleasure of any kind of tourist. It is perhaps the most historic city in the world.

How come?
Rome is well connected by road, since the radial network of freeways and highways of Italy converge in the capital. Rome is also the center of the national rail network and stations, most recently in its urban area. It also has two airports, Leonardo da Vinci Intercontinental Airport, and the small airport Giovan Battista Pastine di Ciampino, exclusively for tourist flights. Being close to the coast, we also have the option of arriving by boat and is across the river Tiber is possible to reach the city center through regular electronic navigation has several points of embarkation.

How to get around Rome?
In Rome we have a complex network of underground lines, by which one can travel to reach any part of the city. In the Italian city are also a commuter train, which takes us from the airport to the very heart of Rome. We also find regular bus lines that do not like the depths.

What to see?
We can begin by the Vatican. Symbol of Christianity, the seat of the Catholic Church and of Pope. The Basilica of San Pedro occupied 15,000 square meters, the largest temple in the world. It is something truly beautiful and spectacular. Behind the Vatican can admire the Sistine Chapel, covered with paintings by Michel Angelo and other great artists.

Plaza del Vaticano por josé luis Zueras.

The Basilica of St. Paul, daunting, is located on the outskirts of Rome on the Via Ostiense, erected by Constantine over the tomb of the apostle Paul. Another mandatory visit is to see the Church of St. Peter in Chains, it can contemplate the Moses of Michel Angelo, the masterpiece of the Renaissance.

Following the tour, another emblematic monument of Rome, which is indispensable to visit the Colosseum, built during the reign of Vespasian. As the crowd of Roman squares, we cannot miss the busy Plaza of Spain, the Piazza del Popolo, in whose center stands an obelisk dedicated to Ramses II.

But before leaving, he has to go through the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin into the fountain to return in future years. And the catacombs, ancient underground cemeteries used by the Christian communities.

Where to Stay
In the Italian capital have a lot of companies dedicated to hosting, we eDreams Rome, but also find hotels at great rates. All are affordable hotels to more modest pockets.

Tourism Rome unforgettable!

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