Rioja Wine Tour

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Few landscapes are as attractive as the vineyard at the time of harvest. The field, full of vines heavy with grapes, the place you live the work of the baskets, wheeled … etc. The air is filled with an odor typical of the vineyard (vine and grape), which competes with the soothing aromas of pine and slightly sour scent of wild herbs. Then, in the cellar, the intensely fruity aromas are shown where the fermentation and intoxicates you.

Rioja Wine Tour

Photography by biskuit

Logroño, the capital of wine

A route through the medieval origins of this item on the Camino de Santiago, this is full of legends and mysteries like the squares on the snakes and ladders drawn in the Plaza de Santiago. Beyond its mysteries, the city invites the pilgrim Rioja recover strength and celebrate the beginning of the harvest.

Travel through the vineyards of La Rioja, the Mediterranean light shows in the Atlantic mist, is an unforgettable experience. The view is relaxing and moves to the hills where the vineyards lining the slopes of green at the time of harvest, and painted red patches of autumn. Where geographically addition, the Sierra Cantabria strains protects the north winds, this is like walking into a complex wine region. And enjoy the fascinating annual ritual of the harvest that will last at least until mid-October.

The Rioja wine

Photography by Shaury

In the land of the Rioja vineyards in La Rioja, Alava and Navarra feed on sweat, sacrifice and pampering. These days it is customary to cross with that target wine cellars with the tractor trailer loaded with grapes. Now not to rain a lot so that the grapes retain their full sugar and the richness of their acids. The best vineyards are spread over the hills and mountains, looking onto the river to absorb the refreshing course.

Wineries to visit:

We propose four wineries that open their doors to visitors (in season) where, for between 6 and 15 euros, wine travel and tasting some red and / or white wine. In some cases, one can also enter at the same vineyard.

Modern tradition

Haro (Rioja Alta) is in the neighborhood of the station and the largest concentration of ancient cellars, home to some of the best wines from Rioja. The site offers the opportunity to start at the beginning. There, with idle railroad tracks are grouped wineries that have made history: Cune, Viña Tondonia, Rioja Alta, Roda, Muga … The latter, one of the few wineries family settled in the soundest tradition, which has managed to modernize without losing its style.

The Rioja wine route

Photography by Toprural

It is easy for the visitor interested in receiving the welcome of Mr. Isaac Muga. This man battered by life and work, vital and enjoyer, knows that good “Rioja” is born in the vineyard. Muga has, alongside its traditional facilities, a modern social structure where you can taste and buy wines. And it has around Haro some of the most beautiful vineyards. As Baltracones, where they grow some of the older strains. Another is Sajazarra, the vineyard with more extreme weather. When the weather is benign, this is the best vineyard, and when not, is the worst. Such are the things in this store without compromise.

Good trip to the Rioja wine route!

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