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Ploughing the waters between Cofrentes and Cortes de Pallás, the boat slowly glides through the emeralds waters of the dammed Júcar, cleving throgh the reflections of the towering ochre and black bluffs carved by the sculpting hand of the river befote continuing its smooth way  hmong gentler landscapes. The deep waters of the Júcar form a route alost 30 kilometres long, offering spectacular views of natureand life in a mountain range shaped over the centurias. Every day, boats from the Los Cañones del Júcar and Sinoa companies cruise the length of this, the Region of Valencian only river route.

As the boat sails towards the Júcar canyon, visitors can contemplate the breathtaking scenery that unfolds below the ever-watchful Cortes de Palla outcrop. This navegable reservoir was inaugurated in 1983 to store the waters of the river Júcar, and one of its striking features is that it berely varies in water level, since the water is retained for producing hydroelectric energy. This has enabled people to sail on the reservoir, with the appropriate safety precautions and respect for the environment as stipulated by the river Júcar.

Along the whole length of the route, between the sheer cliffs and from the small baches forme don the banks of the reservoir, game fishing is a popular pastime thanks to a supervised population of black bass. This reservoir is considered to be one of the best in the whole of Spain for fishing because of its abundant population of dace, which feed the pike and Black bass stocks.

At the confluence of the rivers Júcar and Cabriel stands Cofrentes, a town that sprang up at the feet of a mediaeval castle built on the remains of another castle originally constructed by the Moors. The town’s Arab influence is also visible in the intricate layout of its streets. Forever surrounded by water, the town has always lived by water and for water, as evidenced by its rivers, market gardens, salt flats, waterfalls and, of course.

owner of Los Cañones del Júcar, and crew members, greet passengers at the Cofrentes jetty. Comfortably seating up to 60 passengers, the boat provides those on board with the opportunity fo behold and enjoy landscapes only visible from the water. It is who tells the many stories and legends that have been woven around the mysterious, steep and craggy Muela de Cortes over the course of the centuries. During the two-hour trip, also informs passengers of the most interesting details concerning the two towns by the reservoir.

Slowly, very slowly, the boat leaves the jetty and the old reservoir in its wake. Built in to store the waters of the Júcar and the Cabriel, the reservoir used fo channel water to the Rambla Seca hydroelectric power station within the limits of the town of Cortes de Pallás.


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    The rute is of autentic nature river and the very best pinture, the price is 15 euros for people.


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