Quit Drinking in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city to enjoy your evening. In Barcelona you can find bars where you can hear music ranging from hip-hop, house, funky, pop, rock, electronic music, live music, or you can find bars calm to talk to your friends or partner.

Quit Drinking in Barcelona

Photgraphy by Villa de Ayora

Barcelona is ideal to leave in groups, since it is easy to find the area you feel like more night to go out as you want to spend the night. You can find the coolest bars in the area of Francesc Macia, you can also opt for something quieter and Gracia, an area more rock and electronics as Marina, or something with more supply for groups like the Puerto Olímpico.

Places to enjoy the night:

Barcelona has plenty of bars and clubs with many years of tradition in the city. One of the most famous bars in the city and found in all travel guides Boadas Cocktails is a bar serving cocktails since 1933. It is 2 minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya (in the street Ramblas Tallers) and is regarded as one of the star of the city bars. Antención,  because its policy is very strict dress code.

Otto-Zutz Club (located in Lincoln 15), is located in an old textile factory, and is a club where you can listen to hip-hop, house, electronic music. Or if you prefer, a private reserve to enjoy a bottle with friends on the sofas reserved. It also has a private room in the attic, reserved only for regular customers and vip.

The Bikini, on Avenida Diagonal, 547, also is one of those legendary clubs of Barcelona city. Open since 1953, remains today one of the favorites for the youth clubs of Barcelona. It has three rooms and are quite remarkable their parties on Sunday and Wednesday, though it must be on the list to avoid problems at the door.

Razzmatazz is one of the biggest clubs in Barcelona. Formerly known as Zeleste, also hosts concerts in the city and weekend breaks with rock, pop, techno, house and electronic music (electro, minimal, etc.) In more than five rooms.

In the Placa Reial in Barcelona, one of the landmarks of the city, you can also find great places to go out at night. The Jamboree club is during the week, a jazz club, where (almost) every night can hear jam with the best musicians in the city. Once finished the concert becomes an urban hip-hop club, with demonstrations of break dancing. The upper room of the club, the evening is called Club Tarantos, and you can see a flamenco show (mainly for tourists). In the Placa Reial is also Sidecar, or the Club 13, one of the best electronic music clubs in the city.

If you stay at a hotel in Barcelona, keep in mind that it is in the center where the majority of premises, though the nightlife areas are widely dispersed and it will be easy to find bars. If you know any other place that we can not lose on our visits to Barcelona, on… recommend it!

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