Queensland a world of coral

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A real paradise on Earth. Thus we could describe to Queensland, that corner of the world which is in Australia. Landscapes can remove the breathing who dare to admire. Water and green. The Coral Sea and rainforest of Queensland. A rainforest that is the name of Cape Tribulation National Park.

Cape Tribulation
Presents lush forests, rivers that run between a noise of waters, beaches and goes back to the sea with each trip. It is natural and wild life in its purest form. Situated between Cairns and Cooktown, in SUVs can be seen two or three days in this park.

The Great Barrier Reef
But if everything is inland a tangle of green plants, the spectacle that awaits us in your dream is landlocked. This gives us the Great Barrier Reef. Over 2,000 kilometers long, almost two thousand and three thousand islands, coral reefs give way to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. By a natural spectacle that is worth the plunge and learn to dive. To forget what is over the waters, to identify and vibrate with the underwater wonders that show more than 400 kinds of coral and thousands of multicolored fish of their funds. Here is a video of the Great Barrier Reef.

The coral islands of Queensland

Whitsunday Islands is best known for starting the dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Its two largest islands are Hook and Whitsunday we offer first-rate hotels and full of natural caves aborigines.
Excursions of 3 days / 2 nights: there are many variations, but you have an idea, you can be in a catamaran, passing the night in one of their private cabins, with a diving course and guided tours for more than 70 islands consisting of Whitsunday, this would have cost about $ 300.
Tours of 1 day. There are many variations, as is made in the plane, sailboat or even a mini yacht. In the latter case, the price is around $ 130.

Frankland Islands: they are declared as National Park. They have hotels, but you can camp on them with a special permit that can be around 100 euros.

As in the previous case there are several types of excursions, but a trip of 1 day, including diving and cruising, it can cost around $ 190.

Green Islands is another group of islands that you can get from Cairns, which is the center of operations for all tours. This island is a true natural wonder, coral, turquoise waters and exquisite beaches.

The Green Islands Reef Resort is a hotel complex that exists in this magnificent coral island, but its price is above the $ 400 per night.

Great Keppel Island with an area of 14 square kilometers, has 20 first-class beaches, underwater observatory, routes and trails that we could imagine, and places to see coral without having to learn to dive. It is one of the most popular tourist islands, with shelters, hotels and lodges.
To reach it, the best we could put in Rosslyn Bay.

Good Journey to the coral islands of Australia!

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