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West of Hudson Bay extends the Canadian province of Quebec, most of the great country of the north American continent. Is known for its peculiar language, which makes it take the French as an official language, a unique case in America.

This trait, coupled with its turbulent history, has fostered a feeling among citizens with regard to their English neighbors. This special feeling is translated over time into a genuine desire for independence was about to be conducted in October 1995 following a series of referendums.

Quebec, with its million and a half square kilometers inhabited only by seven million Canadians is an area which offers many attractions for the traveler.

The city government has divided its territory into twenty tourist offering, each original and distinctive nuances that make them unique in all of North America.

The variety of routes from this city offers immense urban culture to the ability to navigate the St. Lawrence endless walks through woods between bears and wolves, by making contact with many indigenous communities living in this region since time immemorial. This last option allows to enjoy the privilege of living with the societies of the Montagnais, the Algonquins and Attikamek. Currently, these communities are skillfully exploiting its rich cultural heritage and their deep knowledge of the environment, making possible the realization of attractive routes for wild rivers and forests of Quebec in the company of native guides that will help the traveler to interpret the landscape that provides to identify medicinal plants or keep track of the legendary Canadian fauna.

Modern communications allow seamless cross the parallel 55, beyond which lies the Great North. In those endless expanses can engage with the nation Innuit, whose men and women will bring the hard life of the tundra, not without beauty. The discovery of the coast of Ungava, from which you can easily observe the various species of seals, the belugas and orcas, as well as an astonishing number of bird species, can become an unforgettable experience for travelers to concerns nature.
Visiting these sites may be supplemented at some times of year with the contemplation of the aurora borealis and the observation of the migration of large herds of caribou.
In addition to the vast nature of the Great North, Quebec also offers other sites of great value, some of which have been preserved as national parks. Twenty-five spaces Quebecers have this kind of protection, some of which are situated less than two hours from Montreal or Quebec.
Precisely the Canadian cities of this province are a destination rather than recommended. They have an attractive combination of modernity and tradition coupled with meticulous care of the outdoors, the urbanites in the city have special esteem.

Getting into the provincial capital, Quebec, is to discover the only fortified city north of Mexico. The historic center of this old colonial city is listed by UNESCO as World Heritage. Buildings XVII and XVIII century, with its aged green roofs typically French architecture and provides the city a predominantly European.
Accompanied by the flow of the St. Lawrence River, Québec continually invites the visitor to enjoy its architectural heritage and its vibrant cultural life, marked by the Summer Festival and Carnival, held all out despite the low winter temperatures.

The outskirts of Québec stop, how could it be otherwise, undoubtedly attractive landscapes such as the cascade of Charny, 120 meters and whose visit (can be enjoyed from a footbridge near) envelops us in the heat spectacular free fall of the Chaudière River.

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