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The nostalgic Portuguese Republic, Portugal or simply share the Iberian Peninsula with Spain, in addition to the mainland, Portugal includes the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores Islands Selvagens. This country is one of the most economical and attractive destinations of the Old Continent, as it can enjoy the last vestiges left by an overseas nostalgic of villages, stunning beaches and beautiful landscape in which are mixed and wheat olive trees.

The climate in this country varies from north to south. While in the south the climate is Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild winters in the north is more humid with higher temperatures. Between April and October the temperatures are more moderate. The rainy season extends from November to March, with more abundant rainfall in the north and the area of Serra da Estrela, located at the center. If it is to enjoy winter sports, the ski season runs from January to March, February being the best of months. The high season covers June through mid-September throughout the country except Algrave, which extends until late winter. The best time to visit Portugal is during spring or autumn when there is greater opportunity to enjoy sunny days and warm, while tourist areas are a little less busy.
Important Information:
Visit Portugal there are different entry requirements. Citizens of Australia, Canada, USA, EU and New Zealand need only a valid passport. In the case of Latin American countries, only visitors from Colombia and Peru are required to submit, in addition to the passport, a visa.

As a member of the EU, the official currency of Portugal is the euro (EUR). In the major cities and tourist areas there are a large number of exchange houses, banks and ATMs for those who need to convert foreign currencies. Credit cards and more widespread use of traveler’s checks are accepted without problems.
Places to visit:
Lisbon, the Portuguese capital city, is built on the river Tajo. This city is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, perhaps because of its pleasant and nostalgic atmosphere, where different architectural styles that are in the country’s history. Some major attractions of Lisbon are two Jeronimos Monastery, built during the 1500s. A short distance from the monastery you can visit one of the most photographed monuments in the country, the Torre de Belem. Besides this, it is a good option to visit the districts of Alfama and Baixa, where you can find some of the oldest and most attractive of the city, stroll through the special viewing castles cobbled streets, old squares and craft markets. Lisbon is interesting to visit museums, including Museo Nacional de Arte Antigua, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and the National Tile Museum.

Northwest of the capital lies the village of Sintra, where for many years summer, British royalty and nobles. Still continues to attract its beautiful gardens, wooded walks and its simple and friendly atmosphere. Among the ruins of palaces and buildings that remain of its past are the Palacio Nacional da Pena, Gothic Palacio Nacional de Sintra, the labyrinthine Monserrate Gardens and the tiny two Capuchos Convent, built in s. XVI.

The resort of Lagos, located on the southern coast of Algrave offers attractive beaches to enjoy hundreds of tourists who visit annually. Some of the most prominent are the sands Beach Pinhão, south, and Meia Beach to the east. In addition to enjoying the sun and sea excursions can be made by boat or horse and visit the interesting Municipal Museum.
The north is where you can see the most deeply rooted traditions and celebrations have not been influenced by the tourist trade. One of the main events is the Carnival, full of celebrations, parades and masks. During Holy Week in Braga the streets are filled with processions of colors. In June the city of Oporto is distinguished by its Feast of Sao Joao, during which the streets are filled with dancers. Finally, in November, Golegã is organized Sao Martinho Fair where you can enjoy horse exhibitions, bullfights and horse riding competitions.

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