Peru: Andean wild Charm

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Colca Valley by mimi in seattle.

Travel through the jungle and Andean highlands in Peru, to bring thousands of tourists every year, and the journeys are across the country. These include … 

Colca Valley:

Reaching a height refuge, surrendering to the Colca Valley and see the forest from a cruise ship pass, three adventures deluxe version.

Starting from the capital should take the detour to Lunahuana on Cañete. To everything there is paved road in perfect condition. But after the rush begins Lunahuaná. The road is uphill and is not recommended be undertaken if there is not a 4×4. Along the way, 4 hours, tricks against the height should be immediately removed from the glove, because our fate awaits us Almost 3,200 meters above sea level.

When you begin to wonder whether such effort is worthwhile, it will plug Vinak mouth shut. The settlement appears to be located in Cuzco, surrounded by green hills, a wonderful blue sky and a calm whatsoever in the capital. However, we are still in the department of Lima! If you want to be part of a luxury experience, then you have to discover El Refugio.

El Refugio:

After a journey so severe that it is more heavenly enters a house of wood and stone with all the comforts of a 5 star hotel. A dining room with large windows that allow us to appreciate the valley from over 3000 meters high; rooms that do not miss a hot water bottle; fireplaces to ward off the cold mountain and the highlight, a Jacuzzi in the garden in the that tourists can plunge to challenge the cold night or watch with a drink in hand, the wonderful landscape.

But as it is intended that the visitor will stay as long at the hotel, there are several custom activities. The place has a barn with horses quarter miles and a coach who will guide guests on the routes through the surrounding areas, and may well finish the journey in a barbecue on the river bank.

Colca Canyon:

A sun that dazzles and a clear sky that shines at night, stars everywhere, and a green valley that has as witnesses Hualca Hualca volcanoes, the Ampato and Sabancaya.

The Colca has become one of the destinations with greatest potential in the South. Throughout its two margins, the barrel with its fertile lands shows a patriotic legacy in which pre-Inca terraces and villages founded in the sixteenth century by Spanish endow it with a great diversity.

For the most demanding tourist activities are paramount. So Colca alternatives have had to diversify, like walking, before it was mandatory because the only way to enter the zone. Currently, part of the goal is to admire the scenery and animals. The difficulty levels can be of all kinds and for all physical. The main one running from the viewpoint of the Cross and finishes at the mirador del Cura. This is only an hour a leisurely pace and is ideal for beginners. The idea here is to be closer to the flight of condors and appreciate the flora of the area.

Colca River by martintoy.

Year after year the number of lodgings on both sides of the valley. The refuge Las Casitas del Colca will become the luxury compound in the area, with 20 luxurious bungalows built in harmony with the architecture of the area.

Cruises Iquitos:

Imagine the perfect trip through the Amazon jungle of Peru: are onboard a cozy wooden boat and what he sees is a huge river that winds in a green mantle. At night, hundreds of thousands of stars.

The warm air touches the skin and cut the silence sounds that come from wild animals. The nap is part of the routine, dieting forget the face of good food, clean water and there you can swim in his cabin as often as you like.  The guides are biologists and natives who have the mysteries of the shy pink dolphins, the odd wild pig, and the kingfisher that flow through the air.

Cruises depart from Iquitos and travel up the Ucayali River Sapote, then return and enter the Marañón, to reach the community Monte Alegre, where the lodge of the company. From there navigate the Maranon to the Grand Amazon, returning to Iquitos.

La Amatista by wbirt1. 

Bon voyage Peru to Andean wild Charm.

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