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As the lead in the first part of the article may travel anywhere in the world even in times of crisis. You just have to have some accurate data that will be able to make that trip as desired. Here are some tips that will make the difference to be able to save your trip.

Tourists who decide to travel to Europe and go as backpackers tend to stay in IYHF Hostels (Youth Hostel Federation) at a cost of 13-25 euros (entitled to breakfast) per country. It is open to all ages and is very common to have families. We recommend these hostels as a possible alternative as a guarantee of safety and comfort.

With respect to food, you can opt for street stalls pizza, kebab, puppies for noon which is when you are probably traveling. This is a very good choice because it is very economical and not waste time sitting down to eat. And of course the supermarket to cook at the campsite or a hotel (always or when you have kitchen facilities). To travel there several passes: the Eurail (unlimited travel for 17 countries), the Interrail (unlimited travel for 8 areas), the BIJ (direct flights), the EuroDomino (price per country), Flexipass (go for a single country) and domestic bonds. The bus ticket saves in certain long-distance on the train and in certain countries.

Is important for students to acquire the discounts at museums and bus, it’s worth taking the ISIC card, which can be done in any delegation. Another option is to take the Visits Cards that are purchased at any drugstore and saving enough money on museum tickets, phone cards (6, 12, 25 euros), as well as bonds for the Metro.

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Another recommendation to consider is health insurance, travel by EU countries, it should go to a Social Security office and request the E-111 that guarantees medical assistance (applicable to residents of EU countries).

For other countries outside the EU, it is advisable to take out private insurance for young people in a specialized office (eg IATI). With ticket purchase with VISA, some travel agencies give away the insurance of aircraft in flight (check). Calculate that private insurance for one month in Europe comes to cost approximately 60 euros. With respect to North America, housing is very diverse. The cheapest are the campsites: the public are linked to national or state parks and forests. They offer modest but comfortable accommodation. And there are private, most have laundry and drying, entertainment and information services. You can make reservations from across the country through a central booking office. Prices range between $ 15 and $ 20.

If you want to go different states or countries can train the USA Rail Pass is specifically designed for tourists and is sold only to nationals of other countries (excluding Canada). This pass allows unlimited travel for a period of 15 or 30 days (you can recruit nationally or regionally). National USA Railpass allows to use all of Amtrak’s network in the U.S. and Canada. The 15 days costs 440 USD and 550 USD for 1 months. Then there are the Greyhound Lines offers intercity bus the International Ameripass, a pass that allows unlimited travel throughout the country for 7, 15, 30 or 60 days.

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If you are in Argentina … with respect to shipments that are cheap buses remain the major companies: By bus, the main companies that connect with Buenos Aires and other cities are: Expreso Tigre Iguazu, Cruise North Via Bariloche.

We hope you have been exposed data useful to start planning your trip at very low cost!

Traveling with little money (Part I)

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