Part II Adventure Travel of Argentina

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In 1991, a group of pilots of Swiss origin from the viewpoint Cuchi Corral, located in the Punilla Valley (Córdoba). In his view and that of subject specialists agreed that this was an excellent flying site. Since then, this place has become a favorite of skydiving in Argentina. This 8 km from the town of La Cumbre. Its height is 1,080 meters above sea level and has a vertical drop of 400 meters to the area where landings are made. In summer, when high season is usually seen at least 10 or more experienced pilot.


First flights are offered in double gliders, which are specially prepared for this purpose. Usually spend looking for passengers for the hotel or are directly on the hill. This is achieved conduct a site survey, there are advance directives and, in a flight lasting about 20 minutes. For those just beginning to activity is recommended to fly in the morning, as weather conditions flights usually generate more relaxed, which can enjoy the scenery is really beautiful. We can see the summit of Cerro Unitorco, which is the highest elevation of the Sierras Chicas and the great valley extending northwest towards La Rioja. It is important to take good shoes (sneakers type) and a wind-proof jacket.

The Diving Capital of Puerto Madryn is without doubt. Since it has the perfect conditions for such an activity, has a very good visibility, little wave and a water temperature of around 10 12 degrees in winter and 20 degrees in summer. In this area there are 15 parks dive to 12 meters deep, they are divided into natural and shipwrecks (with sunken ships).

buceo41 por Nandos.

According to the ideal weather station exits are performed in the morning, and are suitable for children from 7 years and can watch from up escrófalos salmon and grouper, sea stars, urchins, snails and crabs. The outputs can be made throughout the year and during the winter there is the possibility of seeing a whale.

The underwater baptism takes about 2 hours; this includes a theoretical talk and immersion

The mountain system of Balcarce, Ventania Tandilla and constitute the oldest of Argentina elevations. These were eroded by wind pampas for millennia. The area is near the federal capital and is the ideal place to start engaging in activities like rappelling and Tyrolean Mountains.

From the city of Tandil in charge of organizing the various exits, among them we can opt for the Granite Mountain, this is a private site that is located 15 minutes from downtown. On this site you can practice rappelling walls several meters high and Tyrol in circuit wires that are 200 and 170 meters each. For activities you provide all necessary materials. The output has duration of 3 hours and includes theory, transfers and insurance.

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Adventure Travel in Argentina – Part I

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