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As I said on more than one occasion: I love exotic travel. I cannot suppress the opportunity to read or watch some videos of some of those places that we get attention for their exoticism. Those sites for which we have never heard of, has ever gone through the imagination or the opportunity to visit briefly. One of those places you bring here today. This is the fabulous Lemmenjoki National Park in Finland. A corner of our planet will love.

It is situated in the province of Lapland, between the cities of Kittila and Inari. I just hear the word Lapland, I imagine the beauty and exoticism. And so, really. Lemmenjoki is a dream destination for lovers of trekking, for example. It is the largest national park in Finland, and one of the largest in Europe. The main areas of the park are well marked and dotted with cabins that can be rented or perfect places for camping and hiking. Boat trips across the river Lemmenjoki is one of the most spectacular experiences you can see live in the Park.

If you’re lucky, you can even see the great herds of reindeer that inhabit the Park. Large rivers cross the huge forests of the area. To the north you can see two impressive birch forests, which cover the highest hills. Inhabit small population of brown bears and golden eagles. Also abundant moose, whose sound echoes in the evenings throughout most of the park.

Lemmenjoki the river, over 70 miles long, divides the park into two. The slopes of the valley are full of beautiful pine forests. Lemmenjoki are tributaries of the Kietsimajoki and Vaskojoki, north and west of the Park. On its slopes grow a variety of Finnish pine is called aihki. Above the rivers, pine forests give way to birch, where one can see the stiffness of the northern climate. It’s worth climbing to the top of the valleys, when time permits. The view can be obtained from there is impressive.

As I said, through the park there are plenty of marked trails that provide route path. In total, over 60 kilometers of roads in perfect condition. Along the trail there are camps and shelters. In the natural park area, however, no marked trails or camp sites, making it more advisable to be in place for longer. There are restricted areas for hikers in the park, to preserve the system.

There is a route that can be done by canoe between Njurkulahti and Kultasatama or until Paatari the lake, across the river Lemmenjoki. Canoes can be rented at any of the shelters. If you like fishing on the other hand, there is an area that can be done, before getting a license in any of the tourist areas of the park. You can also swim in any rivers in the Park, except in restricted areas.
How to get there?
By car you can reach the village of Njurkulahti. From there we can take a boat that takes us to the park if we want to live the excitement from the start, or continue on the road 955. You can also get there by car to the small town of Lisman, south of the park.

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