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Would you like exotic travel?. The typical travel when a friend commented on what you look puzzled face and think: What a trip … Well today we will give you the opportunity to take your exotic destination. And we will give you everything in one: travel, accommodation and enjoy. All in a very small area of ground. We are going to lead to the Morne Trois Pitons National Park on the island of Dominica. Do you dare to come? …

Emerald Pool Nature
Although it does not have many beaches, Dominica is the perfect island for nature lovers and ecotourism. Here you can explore the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a haven of wild ferns huge, ancient trees, wild orchids and colorful reptiles. Much of their reputation as an island of Dominica’s natural Caribbean come from this fabulous park, a nature reserve of 65 square kilometers, a World Heritage Site since 1997 and the only territory that Columbus would recognize the real American life if returned to the morning .

Numerous waterfalls, including the indoor pool that feeds the natural fern Esmeralda, hidden among the lush and craggy peaks, the highest in the Caribbean. Of these, the main one is the waterfall from which the park takes its name. Those who do not so much the passion of nature mysticism and action prefer, you can go hiking to the lake of boiling fumarole of the world’s largest water. Situated in the south of the park and reach it on foot is only suitable for a trip the most athletic. Ready so well …

Boiling Lake is just boiling …
This park is a wonderful place where you can find freshwater lakes, waterfalls, deep valleys, and in particular, two parrots that are in greatest danger of extinction of the world, the Sisserou and Jaco. Moreover, the spectacle of the lake Sulfur Springs, with clouds of steam that is covered entirely by the simple fact that the water is 95 degrees centigrade …

At the Park entrance is the Victorian guesthouse Springfield plantations, next to the pool of Esmeralda. It is a very easy place to stay, but you would love. Creole cuisine and offers magnificent views of the jungle, especially in the silence of the night when hear the singing of thousands of birds and the roar of the falls. The price of the room in this miracle?. Only 90 euros a double room …

Another opportunity that you offer is papillote Wilderness Retreat Hotel, situated in the heart of the rainforest Marana, for those who want to feel you Tarzan and Jane for a few days. It is the hotel of choice for nature lovers, since its surroundings at your leisure Campan guinea hens, geese and peacocks and a magnificent botanical garden of almost five acres with bamboos, bromeliads and begonias truly spectacular.

Hotel papillote Wilderness Retreat
From Hotel you can swim in the take a bubbling hot springs and rivers of the mountain, or join a guided hiking trails crossing the hotel grounds lush IROS or a trip to Trafalgar Falls, two waterfalls Twin 60 meters that are only a quarter of an hour on foot. Then you can easily and enjoy the excellent cuisine of the hotel under the roof of the restaurant or terrace full of plants. If you have luck there in the menu or Flyingfish succulent prawns caught in one of the 365 rivers in the island. You can also choose crapaud the chicken or the mountain, but we advance that what for them is a chicken, a frog is to us … And all this for 95 euros the double room …

The best time to visit the Natural Park of Morne Trois Pitons is from January to July, during the dry season. It should be borne in mind that hotels and restaurants closed in September and October. I say that is not an exotic trip to think. Nature, exoticism, adventure and enjoyment, and I will bring everything here, including hotels.

Getting There
The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is located only 13 kilometers southeast of the capital of Dominica, Rouseau. It will take a flight to the airport in Dominica, and then depart by bus to the Park, which in just 30 minutes will bring us closer to him. The only drawback is that Spain no direct flights to Dominica, but will have to stop in Hawaii.

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